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Irene Conlan 2015

Because the blog was created to talk about all things that have to do with self-improvement and self-growth, you may want to know more about us, to lend credibility to what we post.

All real change comes within but many of us don’t know where to find the information or guidance we need to make the changes that bring about the improvement. And most of us don’t know how to work “within.”

About Us

Hi! I’m Irene and I’m serious about helping you find the tools you need to achieve your self-improvement goals and begin to experience the happiness you desire.

I live in Fountain Hills, Arizona. The picture at the top is of Fountain Park takenby photographer, Jack Harwick.

I have a masters degree in nursing and a doctoral degree in metaphysics—yes, metaphysics. I have taught nursing at ASU, served as Administrator of Nursing at a major Phoenix hospital, and served as Assistant Director in the Arizona Department of Health Services. I am a certified hypnotherapist and had my own therapy practice, The PowerZone,  for twelve years. I have also hosted the Self Improvement Radio Show on VoiceAmerica since 2010.

I live with Jack, the love of my life. I have two sons, Chris and Kevin, and four grandsons—Kyle, Aaron, Jack and Jake—and each of them brings me great joy. I also have a dog named Smarty. He makes me laugh, requires that I exercise and take him on long walks at the fountain or at the dog park. Life is good for all of us.

Point of Clarification

A point of clarification. This picture has become my logo. It was taken for VoiceAmerica in 2010.  I looked like this then. (and, yes, my hair color was, shall we say, enhanced.) A lot has changed in seven years and so have you and I. The picture above is newer, but now I don’t wear glasses. (No more cataracts). I hope that with the gray hair comes wisdom, compassion, and kindness.

We are living in a stressful world. We rush to work, rush to the store, rush home, rush to appointments, rush to get our kids to soccer practice, ballet, gymnastics, school or the mall. We can be found 24/7 by email, cell phone, or pager so there’s no way we can “get away.” We are stretched to the max and wonder why we can’t sleep, can’t think, and can’t relax. We are enticed by drugs, alcohol, and sex to give us an outlet or deal with the stress, and many choose to use them. Some rage. Some over-exercise. Some go out and shoot other people.

We are each looking for happiness

In this frenetic activity, there is one constant—we are each looking for happiness. Ask the addict, the thief, the anorexic, the debutante, the CEO, the mail room clerk or the person you meet on the street or in the grocery store. Ask them what they want—bottom line. They will if they can verbalize it, tell you what they truly want is happiness.

This blog is about helping you find the tools you need to make those changes within yourself to find your happiness.

What good is self-improvement effort if it makes you even more miserable?

If you are truly happy, how much self-improvement do you need?

So my question is—What do YOU want to change? How do YOU want to improve? What does happiness look and feel like to you?

This blog’s for you

To paraphrase the beer commercial, “This blog’s for you.” so let us hear from you.

  • What do you want to see on these pages?
  • Do you agree or disagree with what we post here?
  • How can we help you the most?
  • Use the Contact Us page or use the form at the end of each article.
  • What are your struggles?
  • What are your triumphs on this road to self-improvement?

Let us hear from you. Let us read YOUR story.

Author: Irene Conlan, MSN, Ph.D., CHt