Self Improvement Tools

Most workers need tools to do their jobs. For example, accountants need calculators and computers, beauticians need scissors and blow-dryers, carpenters need hammers, painters need buckets of paint and paint brushes and actors need scripts and props. If you’re serious about self-improvement, there are some powerful self-improvement tools for you as well. In the tabs below  you will find some of the key tools with information and links.

The main tools for self-improvement are meditation, self-hypnosis, brain wave entrainment and journaling. Using one or a combination of these tools can help you deepen your self-awareness and your insight into where you need to make a significant change. We think these tools are so critical that we have given each of them a page with links to help you find the help you want for your own personal self-improvement program. If you search the articles on the blog you will find a wide selection of articles about each tool discussed from different points of view. If you are serious about self-improvement, we encourage you to search not only this blog buy the Internet for more information and for sites that help you in a specific area.


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Irene Conlan