Benefits Of Humor

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laughter300By Deval Khandelwal –

Laughter is the best medicine. I hope that almost everyone has heard this phrase. Though small, this phrase is really very meaningful. Laughter is very effective and powerful. It can heal your heavy heart, your relationships and even your major health problems. This article is mainly divided into four sections. The first three sections comprises of the benefits of humor and laughter and the fourth section comprises of how can you laugh or remain merry in every situation.

Humor – Mental benefits

Humor is a very strong way to reduce your mental stress. Humor reduces pressure on your mind and lightens your heart. Humor relaxes your whole body. Humor adds joy and meaning to your life. It will improve your mood. When depressed, humor will make you recover from your depression. It will make you do something good.

Health benefits of humor

Humor increases the function of your blood vessels and the supply of blood to your heart. This decreases the probability of a heart attack in you. According to a recent study, 80% of people suffering from a heart attack were going through a depression of mind for some reason or the other.

Laughing occasionally may protect you from diseases. It increases your immunity. A research was conducted on 250 people affected with common cold in India. According to the research, 193 people were tensed, sad or were worried for some or the other reason.

Humor relaxes your muscles. It makes you feel comfortable. You feel to do something constructive. It makes you creative.

Social benefits of humor

Humor is one of the most important things that is needed in a relationship. One can never imagine a deep relationship without laughter. Laughter and humor makes a relation go smooth, exciting and worry free. Your humor and smile makes everyone be at ease wi you. Laughter boosts your energy and you are comfortable in talking to others. Humor increases your performance in front of others. Laughter makes you confident. With the help of humor, aggressive conflicts can be solved peacefully. Humor promotes and increases team work and the bonding between the team members.

Tips for being happy on every situation

    • Smile: Smile is a very big word. It has a mile in it. Ya! Keep smiling. It is the beginning of laughter.


    • Be in the company of humorous friends: You must immediately leave the company of dull and depressed people for they will bring nothing but sadness in your life. Instead, join the company of people who want to be happy and are cheerful and hilarious.


  • Share funny jokes with people: Sharing jokes with people brings you closer to them and makes everyone happy

So, from today, laugh and be merry!

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