Emotional Health – The Secret Of The Miracle Of Our Feelings

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perfect!By Michael Lawrience –

Scientific evidence indicates the energies of solar flares will increase. How will these energies continue to affect us?

I have found my friends and I experience increased stress in our bodies. In other words, heightened unpleasant emotional states from our deep unconscious emerge which we may have partly or never healed. In addition, I have experienced in my life, in times of increased stress, the manifestation of psychological patterns I had thought healed. Either the patterns still existed at deeper levels or a fragment like a ghost memory of the pattern remained.

I believe in times of heightened stress we resort back to the lowest common denominator of emotional functioning. For example, if being a victim dominated our life for a period of time then we will feel powerless again, as our stress increases due to the magnified energies flooding the planet and our bodies through the sun. These unhealed emotional or even spiritual wounds, which we may be aware or unaware, flare up as irritability, anger, deep fatigue or just plain feeling out of sorts and strange. These then bring additional stress in our bodies and possible conflict in relationships. So we may question, how do we deal with these feelings?

On first impulse, we ignore them in the hope they will go away. They, however, remain with us like an extra layer of unwanted clothing. As I have said before, The only way out is through, yet how do we go through these unpleasant feelings we would prefer to avoid? If we worry on the wounds connected to the feelings like a dog endlessly chewing on a bone, we will remain stuck and fatigued. Staying present with whatever feeling or sensation exists in my body rather than ignoring or avoiding it works best for me.

I experience without figuring anything out or fixing it. I am being rather than doing. Most importantly, I invite in Divine Grace. Consider Divine Grace as your personal connection to the Divine or your Higher Power or even your Higher Self. Our intent remains crucial rather than knowing what Grace is or how it works. We only need to ask for the Grace to enter the feeling or the wound and then stay present with whatever sensations and feelings we experience in our bodies. Grace enters on truth which means when we remain in the truth of our discomfort, Grace can come into our bodies.

Usually, when we feel uncomfortable our natural tendency sends us into questioning why or blaming ourselves or someone else or the situation rather than being present with our discomfort. We may pray for help, however, as long as we resist, Grace will be unable to enter us. As long as we remain in our minds, Grace will be unable to enter us. Our minds keep us locked in a prison which has no room for Grace.

Sometimes as I allow Grace to enter, I feel only fatigue, or weighed down, or tension in my head. Yet at other times peace will enter and later on the other sensations return. The important part – keep coming back and staying present with the feeling and the Grace until you go through without any efforting on your part. This may take a day or a number of days of constant returning and staying present with your sensations until they shift on their own. Grace comes when we allow space for it. Grace dissolves our emotional discomforts and stress. Grace heals. Grace: the secret of the miracle of our feelings.

When will you allow the miracle of Divine Grace to enter your life?

A holistic health practitioner, personal growth writer, self-esteem coach, & seminar leader.

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