Let’s Take a Minute To Laugh a Little

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laughter300Almost everyone in the world appreciates a Friday. I say almost because there are those poor souls that have to look at Saturday as just another workday. But as for the rest of us that look at Friday as an end to a long-hard work week, we revel in the fact that Friday represents the end of having to wake up to an alarm clock. At least for the next two days.

Fridays are synonymous with being happy. Happy that it is time, and OK, to ‘wind-it-down’. In the 80’s the phrase was “Thank God It’s Friday”!!! That was so popular of a belief that a new restaurant chain, at the time, took on that moniker as their call letters: TGIF. “What in the world does this have to do with starting my own business?” you ask.

Well, the lesson here is that we all need to take a little break from those things consuming some of us. Namely: our quest to make our business such a success that it becomes the number 1 priority in our lives. We all need to take time for our creator, our family, and ourselves.

I know that we all believe that having our own business is the catalyst that’s needed to have the time to spend with the family, to make the income to enjoy and better our lives. But odds are that you’re going to work harder to make sure that you succeed than you would have worked if you were working for someone else. The drive for personal success is much greater. It’s Human Nature!

So today’s exercise is to take a minute to “smell-the-roses”, enjoy yourself, laugh a little and be eternally grateful for such a wonderful gift. The gift of life! There are a plethora of wonderful reminders all around each of us that life moves much too fast and is over in, some cases, before we ever really get started enjoying it. It’s like a wild ride at a carnival; by the time we get over the fear and start to enjoy ourselves — the ride is over.

We have to take in and enjoy the natural ‘funny little things’ that day-to-day life brings and appreciate them for what they are. Just a part of this thing called Life. Your business will be there on Monday. You won’t go broke if you don’t “crush it” today. Just take a minute to relax and laugh a little today. It really will help you when you get back to work next week. TGIF!!!

Profitably with you, Kevin King.

Proprietor of NewKing Fine Design.

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