Natural Remedies for Depression Treatment

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depressedBy Stephanie Ingram –

Feeling stressed and agitated is common in people when things don’t go their way. It’s one of the common states that people feel and are also prone to it. It’s normal to feel sad and stressed for some time when get hurt or expectations fail but persistent wretchedness is dangerous and alarming. The negative attitude towards life, lack of interest in everyday chores, hatred for oneself and for others, fear of failure, anxiety and feeling insecure are some of the familiar signs of depression. Depression takes great time and effort to be fully cured. However, it’s possible to cope with depression with some lifestyle changes, precautionary measures and working on building positive attitude. If the sadness, hopelessness and lack of motivation persist for a longer period than it should be treated particularly but it’s wiser to look for the alternatives before directly mulling over the antidepressant medications. It’s recommended to talk to your medical adviser about alternatives and natural treatments for depression. The best thing is that if they won’t do any good then there will be no side effects of them as similar to medications. It’s good to give them a chance:

  • Balanced Diet for Depression Treatment:

Depression is linked with your diet.  Increased amount of fats and magnesium and consuming highly processed foods may be the factors of causing depression.  Adjusting the diet can aid you in managing depression. Food that is high in magnesium and omega 3 fatty acids plays a positive part to maintain high serotonin levels in brain. Serotonin levels reduce the feeling of depression. Magnesium deficiencies are directly linked to enhance the depressed feelings. Fish, pumpkins, corns, beans, nuts, spinach, tomatoes, barley and soybeans are some of the foods that are high in magnesium or one can take its supplements as directed by the physician. Reducing the amount of sugar and caffeine is also needed to avoid in the diet. The temporary mood lift provided by these stimulants can cause insomnia, irritability and mood swings which may lead to depression. It’s imperative to monitor your diet changes with the help of your medical adviser.

  • Spices for Depression Treatment

Some of the particular spices have anti depressant effects apart from improving the general health of an individual. Antioxidants play a major role in countering free radical damage which can cause a number of degenerative diseases. Antioxidant rich foods aid in reducing the incidence of depression. These spices are including saffron, cardamom, Chilies and sage. Saffron has been used in Persian traditional medications for centuries to treat depression. It can treat mild to moderate depression instead of antidepressants. The mood elevating and anxiety reducing effect of Chilies makes them a meticulous antidepressant.

  • Exercise for Depression Treatment:

It’s one of the best natural methods to take up exercise as a natural antidepressant. Depression can be caused by not getting enough physical movement. Make it a habit to exercise every day at least for half an hour. Exercises increase the serotonin level that provides a sense of satisfaction and happiness. Endorphins released by working out stimulate the brains to feel better emotionally. Select any form of exercise that feels comfortable and enjoyable for you. About Author: Stephanie Ingram is a blogger, writer and an enthusiast to spend her efforts and time in learning, applying and writing fitness articles, health care and green living. She has been passionate about learning and sharing the ways to improve fitness and maintain optimal health in order to live an active life. For more credible information about Health & Fitness visit our website: