Show Your Inner Strength – How To Become a Powerful Person

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By Gail Manishor

I must be lacking something, but what is it? I have found that there is a feeling in almost every one that they are lacking something important in themselves.

When we’re adults we can choose our friends and associates, but as children our parents at times not up to the task of raising a child to grow and reach his or her full potential. That’s when we must learn for ourselves who and what we are.

Many feel desperately lacking in something, but we’re not sure what it is. We walk through our lives as though we’re in some sort of a fog. We can’t see clearly who we are and what we should do about it. How do we fix something we can’t quite put our finger on? We don’t feel like a whole person.

We see people around us who appear so confident. They walk and act with the power that we wish we had. But what exactly is it that we should do to fix ourselves? We just don’t know. Is there some kind of recipe or guide on how to be? If there isn’t, shouldn’t there be?

These confident people seem to walk around knowing they’re okay. They walk into a room knowing that whatever they say and do is smart. They know they will be accepted and if they aren’t, they aren’t bothered and don’t agonize over what they did or said wrong. They’re the ones who seem to be successful in whatever they do. The words I used are “seem to be.” Because when you get to know these people, you will find that they have self-doubts even as we do.

There is a something we can do to overcome these doubts. Many of us have searched and found a way to overcome these nagging fears.

Let’s rethink this. Ask yourself, “What’s right with me?” You probably do some things very well indeed. Try focusing on what you do well. What are your strong points? Don’t say you don’t have any. You do. Stop focusing on your negative points. Don’t say them. Don’t even think them.

Jo Blackwell-Preston wrote, “Don’t you dare, for one more second, surround yourself with people who are not aware of the greatness that you are.”

Give some thought of what you do know and what you do well. We all have gifts and talents. Recognize the talents within you and build on them. As you recognize these qualities within yourself, you begin to realize that you are someone special. You have qualities that make you a worthwhile person. Build on the gifts you have. Own your gifts. You are intelligent, capable and gifted. You are completely okay.

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  • August 19, 2012 at 10:01 pm

    This is a great information shared here.. I completely believe in what ever you have tried to explain us. We know every one is not perfect at some time or other everyone get depressed or loose self confidence and inner strength. At that time we build and bring back our inner strength by helping people, exercising, talking to confident people.. Thanks for sharing..

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