Simplicity – The Key To Happiness

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rose2By Sandy Tashi Hounsell –

Simplicity is not just about removing distractions from our life where we have become over committed, but is it also about eliminating the jumble from our minds, our bodies, our home and our lifestyle. Tidying up our life brings our mind back under control so we no longer feel out of control.

Distractions That Keep Us Occupied and Confused.

We live in an extremely busy world, there is always something going on, something to distract our attention and we fill our lives full to the brim, where we run the risk of overload and ‘overwhelm’. We can allow ourselves to become immersed in the outside world, buy into the issues, the fear, the “I must have”, and the “needs” that are created by very effective marketing, or we can choose to stay centered and focused on our inner self and hence stay on a much more calmer, smoother pathway; and therefore keep our life effectively simple.

Have you noticed that when there is what feels like, albeit a short lull, something comes along to attract our attention, tempting our thoughts to once again focus on the external world ensuring that we don’t touch base with the inner quiet where our thoughts are clearer and which eventuate in a calmer life.

We have become so used to this way of being, hypnotized by it even, that we can’t bear it when we can actually hear the quiet, when there is no “noise” to fill our minds. We have become programmed to expect interference of some sort to occupy our minds and our thoughts which create outcomes in our life’s journey.

It’s Hard For Our Minds To Be Still

You can imagine a scenario of constant struggle and indecision going on in our mind… “is it quieter outside or quieter and safer inside. Where can I go to find peace and quiet?” It can feel to some, that there is no escape, nowhere to go to switch of the interference or the noise. It can be quite tiring, perhaps exhausting when wanting and needing so much to be able to find quiet. But when are lives are more simplified there is less confusion, less distraction and less external and internal noise. Space is created allowing a calm to descend into our minds and bodies and fill us with peace.

So how do we simplify our lives?

Here our 10 ‘soul awaken’ tips to get you started.

1. Say no to what distracts you from your desires.

2. Say yes to what you really want in life and start creating it.

3. Be clear on your intentions. Don’t assume others know how you feel or what you want.

4. Ask a simple question like, “what makes me happy?” Then go do it.

5. Take time out to retreat within, so you begin to find inner peace and calm.

6. Listen to your inner guidance. No more excuses.

7. Honour how you feel and don’t ignore what your feelings are telling you.

8. Speak your truth you have so much to offer this world.

9. Make time for reflection, meditation and journalling.

10. Most of all, be yourself. You really do matter!

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