Types of Lies People Tell

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Illustration: Truth and LieTelling a lie simply means not telling the truth. Of course there are many types of lies, many with varying degrees of truthfulness. Some are told to avoid hurting someones feelings and are therefore made to be kind or avoid conflict. Others lies are more serious and are seen as a criminal offense, like perjury.

Some of the lies which are considered harmless are those we sometimes tell to our children. These include the various explanations of childbirth. These are told to avoid any discussion of sex. Other lies told to children are the ones about Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy.

Another type of lie often used in various games and sports is bluffing. Bluffing is often used in gambling. It give the impression to the other players that you have a hand of cards that is much more powerful than it actually is. Bluffing is considered to be an important strategy in the game of poker and not immoral. Bluffing is used in games such as football and hockey. This occurs when a player tries to fake going one way and then actually goes the way intended, leaving the opponent behind.

Many lies are told to conceal the truth and have malicious intent, such as perjury. This occurs when a person tells a lie in a court of law. In this situation they are under oath. It is very important that a person does not commit perjury because the integrity of the court room must be upheld. Once perjury is committed the outcome of any trial is greatly compromised and many grave injustices can occur. Thus perjury is a criminal offense.

Knowing when a person is lying to you is not always easy. Some lies are obvious, such as the ones we tell our children and others are designed to hide the truth from you and are for personal gain. Understanding how a person behaves when they lie and why people lie can actual help in determining whether someone is lying to you or not. Having a guide to help you learn about this would be helpful.

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