A Review: Resilience On-Line Training Program

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PowerThinkingBy Irene Conlan –

Resilience is a word we are hearing more and more. After the bombing at the Boston Marathon, most of the news anchors talked about the “resilience” of those who ran into the disaster to help the injured. We heard about resilience in relation to the natural disasters that left people stranded and, often, homeless. We talk about the resilience of those serving in the military.  What is resilience, anyway, and  how do we become resilient?

Many of us have asked, “Why, given the same background, same circumstances and same challenges, do some people thrive and move forward while others give up, quit and perhaps become depressed.We are beginning to get answers.

More books are appearing about the subject of resilience and more information is available on the Internet. If you Google “resilience” you will get a healthy response. Most of them are informative and interesting. I have checked out as many of them as I can.

One stands out like the North Star. “ResilienceOnline™” is offered by PowerThinking Corp and is based on the work done by Martin Seligman at the University of Pennsylvania’s Positive Psychology program. That means it is based on solid research  The  PowerThinking Corp. says this about its program, “ResilienceOnline™ is an interactive experience that is personalized to empower you to take control over life’s challenges and adversities. You are taught how to apply the 7 Skills of Resilience to help you overcome obstacles, steer through day-to-day adversities, bounce back from major setbacks, and reach out to achieve all of which you are capable. The tested results have helped thousands of people increase their happiness, productivity, success, and balance in their lives.”

I literally just finished taking the course. I found it to be rich in content, extremely well presented through video and print, helpfully interactive and very comprehensive. I was concerned that resilience may not be something that can be taught. It can be. If you are already on a self improvement path, this course will fit well within any other program you may be working with. You will deepen your self awareness and discover some of  your deeply held, and possibly hidden beliefs.You will learn your inner strengths and develop seven skills for resilience. Like everything else, the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. If you complete this course reflectively, honestly and until you “get it” you will realize wonderful results in your daily life.

It is affordable and worth every penny  you invest.

Check it out now at http://www.powerthinkingcorp.com/