The Importance of Laughter in Everyday Life

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laughterBy Luke David Moseley

Life is a beautiful thing and this fact is often underestimated by people in the hectic routine of daily life. Most of the people we meet in our daily lives are either suffering from some sort of stress or depression, or they are feeling restless. Happiness and serenity has become an elusive phenomenon. Recent advances in medical science have revealed that happiness can be achieved in life with a mere smile on your face. Many comedians are often heard saying that they serve the humanity and this statement is nothing but the truth.

Some of the benefits of laughter have been found to include the following:

Safeguarding against illness

It has been found that a man who enjoys life and has a greater opportunity to laugh has a stronger immunity system than those who are tense. It is not merely coincidence that people who remain happy are healthier and they are also well protected against diseases. Secondly, if these healthy souls are suffering from any illness, then they also recover quickly from such setbacks.

Taking things Easy

The fact of the matter is that the real world is filled with all sorts of problems which are enough to drive a person insane. But the only way out of this problematic world is to laugh things off! As laughter is so often associated with happiness, people start feeling positive when they laugh in times of trouble. You simply have to accept the harsh reality of life that you can’t win every time you play, so you’ll have to laugh in the face of defeat so that you live to fight another day.

Stress Reduction

In today’s world stress and anxiety has become an integral part of every person’s life. While some get stressed watching the violence on TV, others have stressful 9 to 5 jobs. Laughter can also reduce the level of stress and anxiety you are experiencing, as a light joke or a funny event at workplace can do wonders for you. Laughter is just the right medicine to reduce stress and anxiety.

Laugh, and Keep Diseases at Arm’s Length

Laughter can be a strong protection against many diseases and psychological disorders. Many people who are stress patients are more prone to suffering from stomach ulcer which is in one way or the other associated with stress. Similarly, hypertension is a deadly mental disorder which can even force patients to commit suicide, but the remedy of laughter can keep your mood bright enough so that you see the brighter side of things even when the going gets tough. As laughter relieves tension, your body muscles relax which is very helpful for your body health.
A Healthier & Longer Life

Those who live a jolly life and don’t look for a reason to laugh live longer than those who take too much stress and depression. And the simple reason for this phenomenon is that laughter reduces your stress, thus saving you from a number of stress-associated diseases which can be life-threatening. As you stay away from stress and anxiety, your immune system remains more effective, hence making sure you live a healthy and long life!

The fact of the matter is that every one likes a person who frequently laughs and makes others laugh. If you are a jolly person who has the nerve to withstand adversities and still come with a one-liner that elates your friends and family members, you will have many friends and living life will become much easier for you!

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