Nathan Snow talks about Addiction to Conflict Today on the Self Improvement Show

Nathan Snow headshot“Conflict is also a necessary part of life. Through conflict we find great catharsis. We have wonderful epiphanies through head butting and debates at work; we find new realities in our marriages through a clash of differences. But like many other indulgences in life, we are prone to over consume,” writes Nathan Snow in his book Break Your Addiction to Conflict. Snow will discuss how we can free ourselves from the tempting orbit of conflict and learn to quiet our mind. Acknowledging that some conflict is healthy and necessary for personal growth, he will discuss how to handle the “overload of conflict” that robs us of our serenity. He will also give us tools to help us overcome our addiction to conflict

Guest Bio

Nathan J. Snow is a successful west coast entertainment executive and committed spiritual traveler who has been meditating and exploring transformational practices for over 15 years. He is the author of Breaking the Addiction to Confict: 12 Tools to Quiet the Mind.

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Dr. Nathan Snow was able to be with us only for the first segment of the show but it is rich and worth a listen. Go to

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