A Near Death Experience (NDE). Donnie Tash goes from being a psychotherapist to a psychic medium.

A Near Death Experience (NDE). Donnie Tash’s Story. Listen Now.

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Donnie Tash 250Donnie Tash, a retired psychotherapist, experienced an NDE (Near Death Experience) when he lapsed into a coma after surgical complications. He remembers looking down at his body from high on the wall in the corner near the ceiling and needing to get back in it. He will share his story with us and talk about the psychic abilities he had when he recovered. His metamorphosis was from psychotherapist to psychic medium and from listening to the living to receiving information from the dead. We will compare and contrast his experience with that of Eben Alexander who wrote “Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife.” Donnie is the “real deal” and his story is one you won’t want to miss. You are welcome to call in with your questions.

Guest Bio: Donnie Tash is a retired psychotherapist who specialized in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and was a certified addiction counselor.A Near Death Experience (NDE). Donnie Tash goes from being a psychotherapist to a psychic medium. After retirement, he moved to Arizona with the intention of traveling the world. While recuperating from a “routine surgical procedure, he lapsed into a coma and had a Near Death Experience (NDE). When he began to recover, he felt that something was different—he started receiving information about people differently than in the question/answer format practiced in psychotherapy. He was receiving information from those who had died. Since that time, he has had the opportunity to give psychic readings to many individuals and their pets and he serves as a bridge for people to reconnect with their loved ones who have crossed over. He a co-founder of the website psychiclibrary.com, an interactive and educational site dedicated to the psychic/metaphysical realm For more see www.psychiclibrary.com.

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