Betsy and Warren Talbot discuss "Getting Rid of It" on Thursday's Self Improvement Show

Betsy and Warren Talbot discuss “Getting Rid of It” on the Self Improvement Show. Listen Now.

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headshotLook around your house and/or your office. Do you have too much stuff? What if you got rid of all of it? Yes, all of it. If you wanted to pack up and chase your dreams without worrying  about all the stuff you left at home, how would you go about letting it all go? Betsy and Warren Talbot did just that and, not only lived to  tell about it, but lived to realize their dream of traveling the world. Escapees from the corporate world, they can tell you how to define your dream, how to plan to grab that dream, how to get rid of the clutter and everything else that hold you back, and how to deal with letting go. They will tell us about their travels—where they’ve been and where they plan to go next. They will let you know if getting rid of everything was really worth it.

Guest Bio:

Betsy and Warren Talbot describe themselves this way: “We are a recovering, 40-something, you can be free to live your dream, Type-A couple who learned that living large is not necessarily living well. We did all the typical things people do in their 20s and 30s: climb the corporate ladder, get married, buy a house, get divorced, climb the ladder some more, get married again, accumulate more crap, and keep repeating the process like hamsters on a wheel.” Circumstances made them asked themselves ” If we knew we wouldn’t make it to our 40th birthdays, what would we do differently right now?” They wanted to travel. They got rid of everything they owned and lived to tell about it. Now they carry everything they own in their pack packs.  They have together authored three books: Dream Save Do: Stop Dreaming and Start Living, Strip Off Your Fear & Slip into Something More Confident, and Get Rid of It. All are aimed at showing you how you can de clutter your life so you can live your dream.

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