Kimberley Heart: Get Love: How to Transform Your Love Life—on The Self Improvement Show 2-11-16

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Kimberly Heart 250Kimberley Heart leads you on a journey of self-discovery and change that guides you to understand the mysteries of the subconscious mind where all the reasons and resistances to the love you want are stored.  She leads you to “get love” by transforming your love life. Having led intensive retreats for couples, single women and men, Kimberley has been a couples’ counselor and relationship expert for over 30 years. In her private practice, Kimberley transformed relationships from a dying love to a metamorphosis experience. Her retreats for single women focus on the truth of their desires instead of the wants of family and society. Kimberley marries a unique philosophy of compassionate honesty; saying what others only think. And, as an expert in transformational change, she believes that the most phenomenal change that we can make is to change how we love. On this show we will talk about love.


Guest Bio

Kimberley Heart, B.Sc., PA, MA has been a trusted adviser to world changers and maverick leaders for more book 176than twenty years. She consults and lectures internationally on relationships and the challenge of personal change. She has been featured on CBS and NBC national news and cited in Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and multiple regional newspapers and magazines. She has hosted her own talk radio show on both coasts and has been a guest on over 150 radio stations, including KABC, KFI, KCBS, WOR, WINS, and WCBS. Her first book, “When Fairy Tale Romances Break Real Hearts,” was met with enthusiastic acclaim from readers and reviewers alike. She has recently released her newest book, “Get Love™: How to Transform Your Love Life”