Life-Business Balance with James Cusumano. Listen Now.

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James Cusumano headshot 250James Cusumano, an accomplished writer with successful careers as an entertainer, scientist, corporate executive, film producer, and entrepreneur, has learned that in order to create long-lasting fulfillment and happiness, it is necessary to pay balanced attention to both the personal and career aspects of life. In his latest book Balance: The Business-Life Connection  Cusumano offers a step-by-step method for identifying and recapturing one’s essence. “The passion created in this one step often provides all the motivation, courage and energy you will need to find a new career that will lead to greater enrichment–personally, financially, and even for the world at large,” he says. In these days when we are pulled in so many directions balance is a must. Hear what this remarkable man has to say.

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Guest Bio

James Cusumano is an accomplished leader with successful careers as entertainer, scientist, corporate executive, and entrepreneur. He started his entertainment career as the lead singer for The Royal Teens of ‘50s & ‘60s fame. After a Ph.D. in physical chemistry, business studies at Harvard and Stanford and a Fellowship at Cambridge University, he served as a Director of R&D for Exxon. After cofounding Catalytica, Inc. with business units in clean energy and pharmaceuticals,he moved to Prague where he and his wife, Inez renovated Chateau Mcely to an award-winning luxury castle, spa hotel and forest retreat. With his partners, Jim created Leadership for Life, a program that brings international change-makers to Chateau Mcely to teach Inspirational Leadership. Jim is a renowned speaker, the producer of the movie “What Matters Most” and the author of “Balance: The Business-Life Connection” released in April.  He will talk about balancing the personal and career aspects of life.

Just for fun, this is James Cusumano in his first career (Some of you will remember and smile. Watch James Cusumano at the piano):