Crack Cocaine vs. Pete Gianinni. Pete Wins! Listen Now. Don’t miss this one.

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Pete Head Shot 250By Irene Conlan –

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Pete Giannini is a survivor—a survivor of an addiction to crack cocaine. Crack addiction is a process that is both rapid and severe and approximately 6.2 million (2.8 percent) Americans age 12 or older say they have tried it at least once in their lifetime. It messes up your brain, your body, and your lifestyle and its cost is very high financially, emotionally, physically and socially. Pete describes it this way: “Where I’ve been to and where I’m at today has been one crazy ride. It’s truly amazing to say I’m still around to do anything at all. It wasn’t long ago I was a complete drug induced disaster. I went from a family man with a small business, beautiful home, amazing wife, and great kids to a man with no business, no home, and a very upset and hurt family. Hear his amazing story of courage, love and determination as he fought his way back to health and wholeness. Don’t miss this inspiring story.

 Guest Bio:

Pete Giannini is the drummer for the fast-growing female-fronted rock band “Chaser Eight.” A few years back he was struggling with a terrible addiction, but through the love and support of his band mates and family he was able to overcome his problem. He is now living clean and sober while creatively contributing to “Chaser Eight’s” new music and live shows. About his recovery he says, “Incredibly enough the family I mostly destroyed was still there to pick me up and start me on my path to a great life. It was and will always be a road of recovery, but yes, the road gets smoother each and every day. Starting with the basics, no more drugs. That, of course, is easier said than done…The people involved in my sobriety are the ones that truly saved me. Friends, family, doctors, co-workers, and band mates— they all play a part whether they know it or not.” Pete is a remarkable “work in progress.”   Click here to listen.