The Fear Project with Jaimal Yogis on The Self Improvement Show. Listen Now

The Fear Project with Jaimal Yogis on The Self Improvement Show. Listen Now

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Jaimal Yogis HeadshotWe have all experienced fear. We know the smell of it and  the taste of it. We have felt it as a twinge in the pit of our stomach and as terror that paralyzes. We have ignored it, run from it, grappled with it, and jumped in feet first to deal with it. Some people seem to thrive on it for the thrill of accomplishment. Why? It’s in the answer to the question? “Why did you have to climb Mt. Everest?” and the answer “Because it was there.” Jamail Yogis studied fear —particularly his own fear —and wrote a book about it. It is a book everyone who is held back by fear should read and one we will talk about. You can look forward to an honest, real, in-depth look at a young man’s fear—on a surfboard, in relationships, in various challenges—and learn how to handle your own. Don’t miss this one. Jaimal had a sometimes wild ride and is here to tell us about it.

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Guest bio

Jaimal Yogis is an award-winning journalist who has written for ESPN Magazine, Yogis surfing 250The Washington Post, The Surfer’s Journal, The Chicago Tribune, AFAR, San Francisco Magazine and many others. His critically acclaimed first book, SALTWATER BUDDHA, is currently being adapted into a film He has been a guest-lecturer at UC Berkeley, Columbia University, and San Francisco State. Jaimal is an avid surfer and lives in San Francisco with his wife, Amy, and his son, Kai.

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