A Review of The First Three Books in the “Thoughtlessness Series” by Gregory Malouf

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ThoughtlessGregory Malouf has published three books in a series of  twelve that he calls  “The Thoughtless Series.” They are well worth reading and I, personally, look forward  to the subsequent nine volumes.  They are based on the premise he describes this way: “Most of us tend to live our lives thoughtlessly . . . perhaps because we believe there is no better way. We take misguided lessons from our past and allow them to hide the truth and limit our ability to life fully today.” In other words, we are not “mindful.” We are unaware. We go through life like we are not fully awake. (And in my opinion this thoughtfulness leads to the other definition of thoughtlessness which means lack of consideration).

Malouf says”The Thoughtless Series” will help you find “understanding beyond  the level of our five senses,…is essential for true abundance.” Each of the three initial volumes helps you do t he “inner work” and presents material for reflection.

The first volume, Shallow Love  addresses the power of thought, the difference between “ego love” and “inner love” and takes the reader through an adventure of forgiveness to let go of  unhealthy attachments and find a real sense of peace. It opens the door for the reader to enter into meaningful, loving relationships with self and others.

The second volume, Tunnel Vision  explores the question Peggy Lee sang about in he 1960s hit,, “Is That All There Is?” Malouf asks, “Surely, there must be more to life than an endless cycle of resisting life, of controlling, and of being controlled?” After you assess your own level of tunnel vision that gives you a narrow view of your reality, you take a good look at shame, learn how to forgive yourself, and use the five steps and do the exercises to let go of negative thinking and find peace.

The third volume, Self Fulfilled is designed “to help you make a life-changing connection withing so that you can be grateful for what you do have, accept what is, and discover your truest desires right now.” Wow! that’s a lot but by the time you finish this volume you will be aware of changes in your own ideas about yourself .This book is rich in content that culminates in “”Ten Small ‘Knowings’ About Self Awareness.” and “Three Tools for Courageousness and Manifestation.” These alone are worth far more than the price of the book. They may be “small” but they are truly priceless.

The books are brief – each one under 150 pages. They are well written, interesting, filled with meaningful personal examples and filled with profound  questions and powerful exercises to help you become more self aware. Some readers may say the meditations are too simple. I urge you to work with them and then tell me they are too simple. These books need to be experienced rather than just read.

Whether you are new or a seasoned traveler on a spiritual path,  these books offer insights that can lead to profound transformation and spiritual growth.  I recommend them to anyone who is serious about spiritual growth and  self improvement.  You can find more about Greg Malouf at http://gregorymalouf.com/