A Review: Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife by Dr. Eben Alexander

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By Irene Conlan –Proof of Heaven 250

Most of us question  about what happens to us after we die. Is death the end of us or do we somehow continue? Many religions believe in some kind of afterlife and, conversely, some absolutely do not. There are things we simply do not know for certain and this  is one of them.

There are many psychic mediums who claim to communicate with the dead or those “on the other side.” Many report the sightings of ghosts and apparitions and there are a number of TV programs dedicated to paranormal phenomena .If you Google NDE or near death experience you will receive at least fourteen pages of results. On Amazon, if you search for Near Death Experience (in books), they list 31,613 items (There are duplicates here; however, this is still a substantial listing, indicating a lot of interest in the topic).

Most of us have met someone or heard someone speak who has experienced an NDE. Some seem very credible; some leave you wondering. One of my dearest friends experienced an NDE and there is nothing in her story that makes me doubt that it was real. Donny Tash, today’s guest on the Self Improvement show, is still dealing with the very powerful and very real, but brief, experience he had while he was in a coma. He will tell his story today.

Dr. Eben Alexander makes a very compelling case for “life after life” in Proof of Heaven. A neurosurgeon who had serious damage to his brain’s neocortex and who recovered—against all odds—was able to remember in vivid detail what happened to him “on the other side.” If I didn’t already accept the theory of life after life, his story would have convinced me.

We are sometimes smug in trying to refute something that can’t be proved in a science lab. Dr. Alexander’s experience has been dissected by scientists, neurologists and neurosurgeons without being proved fallible.

This book should be read by everyone who wonders about what happens when they die. They may not agree with it, but at least they have another option to ponder. For those of us who already espouse life after life, it is a comforting reinforcement of that belief.

This book is written like a novel that you get caught up in and can’t put down. By the time you finish the first page want to hang a “do not disturb” sign around your neck and find a quiet corner to stay in until you turn the last page.

He is writing another book that will look at this from a more scientific perspective and you can bet my name will be on the list to get it the day it is published.