A Review: The Deepest Acceptance Radical Awakening in Ordinary Life by Jeff Foster

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Book cover 250By Irene Conlan –

The Deepest Acceptance is what I call a “mind stretcher” or better, perhaps—a “soul stretcher.” We all need to read one every now and then. It makes you stretch to understand, to get the meaning, to know what on earth the author is trying to say. And just when you are about to put the book down, it suddenly twists in your mind and you get a series of “ah ha” moments and “Oh, my gosh” insights into a new way of looking at something you’ve struggled with for a period of time.

In Part I of the book, Foster addresses “Awakening to a Deeper Acceptance.” He describes us as a vast ocean and dedicates a chapter to “wave management.”  In Part II he discusses “Deep Acceptance in Everyday Life” and covers those things that affect us the most: pain and suffering, relationships, addictions and our search for spiritual enlightenment. His thinking is “way out of the box,” honest, and an amazing amalgam of the simple and complex.  You will have to read the book to know what I mean.

This is not your ordinary, garden-variety “who are you?” book and you will come away with a new appreciation and acceptance of who you are. You will realize that Hafiz truly described you in the  poem Jeff uses as the introduction:

I wish I could show you
When you are lonely or in darkness
The Astonishing Light
Of your own Being.

Who should read this book? Anyone who ponders the deep questions of “Who am I? How do I awaken? How to I become enlightened? Once I become enlightened, how do I live in an unenlightened world?” (And I am reminded of the Zen phrase “Before enlightenment, it is said, we chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, we chop wood, carry water.”)

When you get the book, set aside time in a quiet place to reflect and ponder what you read. It is that kind of book. I highly recommend this book for those who want to think, ponder new ideas, let their spirits soar, and become aware of “the astonishing light of their own Being.”

You can find this book at Sounds True or Amazon.com.