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Accepting Others Just As They Are

handshake2By John Azh –

Every day we come across different people from different backgrounds, having different mindsets in our lives. We tend to judge them in many ways, and compare them to the definitions of “good” or “bad”, “acceptable” or “unacceptable”, “appropriate” or “inappropriate”, etc. predefined for us by many different factors. If they meet our minds’ complicated criteria of “good” for example, we call them good people, and decide to socialize with them, and if not, we try to have the least interactions, based on the nature of the relationship we have with them. If for example the person is your boss, you “have to” listen to what he has to say, even if he is so dull. If he is your neighbor, you try to say hello whenever you see him, just to be nice. But if you do not have to, the person is right out of your world!

Accepting others just as they are, greatly improves the overall quality of your life. There is a direct relationship between the contacts that you have, and the quality of your life. Whatever you want to have in your life, you need to obtain it through some person, channel or contact. The current quality of your life is the result of your current contacts that you have in every area of your life.

Every human being no matter who they are, what they do, what language they speak, and what their beliefs are, is perfect just as they are. If you look at people holistically, and see them as a combination of all the characteristic that they have, you can like them, and you can even love them.

The point here is that nothing outside you has any specific meanings except for the meaning you attach to it. The meanings you attach to things or events, could be chosen in a way that empower you, or in a way that disempower you. The choice is up to you. Now, if we have the freedom to choose the meaning in any way we wish, why don’t we choose the meaning in a way that empowers us, helps us to help others in better ways, and take advantage of the opportunities around us in better ways?

You see, every person that comes into our lives, comes for a reason, and they are a window to many opportunities that we even do not know we have. You must have heard it said that there is no one you cannot learn something from. So it is up to you to take your time, and see everything around not through that lens, but through absolutely nothing, and be totally neutral. If you scour anybody enough, you can find enough points so you can relate to them, help them, and use their help.

You have a healthy personality to the degree to which you can get along with the greatest number of different types of people. This faculty of you affects every aspect of your life, and determines how successful you are going to be overall.

If you are in sales, you come across all kinds of clients in a typical sales day. The more you sell, the higher your income. But you do realize that you cannot sell anything to somebody you do not like, nor are you able to buy anything from anybody you do not like. This is an automatic behavior, and it’s common to all of us. So the more different types of people you can get along with, the more sales you have, and your sales, and by the way the quality of each of them, translates into your bank account.

We are all, more or less, pretty much on auto pilot. The decisions that we make are usually not informed ones, but automatic based on our mindset, and the state we are in at the time of making the decision. If you are in a resourceful state, it is much easier for your to like people, and want to interact with them. There are times in life that you should be able to change your state instantaneously, and act based on a resourceful state of mind, or the moment is gone. It applies both to opportunities to take, or bad situation to escape from.

Successful people have usually come to the understanding that they should treat anybody they meet as the most important person on earth. Once they do that, the person gives them back the best thing they have. This way, you will be greeted by the best version of any person you meet, no matter who they are. Some people argue that others are simply a reflection of us, and what you see as seemingly another person, is merely a reflection of yourself, and not really another person. It works most of the time for me.

Accepting others just as they are is not always easy. It take time, effort, and practice in the beginning. But once you do it, you life changes completely for the best. There is a reason for anything that we do in our lives, be it a very small unimportant thing, or something that we consciously try to find a reason for. Our nervous systems need valid reasons that can justify the action, and if we have the reason, we take the action. If you do not have the reason yet, you can start practicing it until you find the reason. You will be amazed at how your whole life changes for the good as a result of incorporating this simple behavior in your daily life.

In the competitive market today, there are numerous suppliers for every specific product or service. In the end of the day, the one that gets along better with a greater number of different types of people, can make the sale, which is every salesperson’s ultimate goal. The simple principle of accepting others just as they are, can greatly affect your earnings, and it is very easy to implement. I hope you make it a point to incorporate it into your business life, and eventually into every area of your life. Thank you for your attention.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you have found something new in it. To read more on related topics, please go to my blog at []. Have a wonderful time. John Azh

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