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cloud of words related to ethics, color sticky notes on blackboardBy Jitesh Arora –

The mindset of a human being is a Powerful thing. It has the ability to make a person happy and prosperous or it can even hold him back from achieving good things in life. A negative mindset can make you miserable even when the circumstances are favorable. In short, positive attitude towards life can have a huge impact on every aspect of your life.

I would not say that it is a simple process to change your attitude towards life. One has to struggle a lot to change his thought pattern but it is worth it. The words coming out of your mouth have great power to change your life for good or bad. If you want to know what you will become five years from now, just listen to what you are saying about yourself today.

Everyone of us expects positive breakthroughs in life, like having a successful business venture, getting out of debt, to be healthy or having a right life partner, but nothing is changing because Often we make a mistake, when we talk ourselves out of our plans by speaking negative things. You cannot talk defeat and expect to have victory. The moment you speak something out, you are giving life to something good or bad. Negative thoughts come to every person, you can’t stop the thoughts from coming into your mind. The key to success is not to speak out negative thoughts. Do yourself a favor Be positive and zip your lips.

Negative words can keep you away from your destiny. If you will roam around saying that I am not qualified enough, I don`t have it in me, I am too young or too old, I don`t have what it takes, then you would become exactly what you are saying.

God has called every one of us to do something great. He has put some special talents within us. It’s easy to make excuses but God wants us to move forward.

Just imagine that your success is on the way, and you are talking about how it`s not going to happen, how you will never get the right things in your lives. May be you are a couple of months away from seeing the answer you are waiting for, maybe you have been praying or expecting good results in a specific sphere of your life. But right before it happens, you start verbalizing wrong words and the good things around you stand still.

The Good news is that the breakthrough is still in your future, nothing has been cancelled and if you get rid of all your doubts and activate your faith, you will get the right things at the right time.

Some things look impossible but impossible does happen in this world. Just because you don`t see anything happening doesn`t mean nothing is happening behind the scenes. Right now, behind the scenes, God is planning your future. He will move out obstacles out of your way and put the right things at right place.

Don`t invite defeat and mediocrity in your life. Pay attention to what you are attracting into your life through your words. You may not feel healthy today but you have to say that you are healthy, you may not feel confident, but you have to call yourself confident. The circumstances may not say that you are prosperous but you have to say by faith that you are prosperous. If you can`t say anything good, don`t say anything at all. Don`t let your negative words keep you from God`s best. If you stop talking defeat, you will certainly see victory in every aspect of your life.

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