How to Express Your Anger in a Healthy Way

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By BK Carter – Man and Woman get into a heated argument

Have you often found yourself in situations where you just want to well up and go off? Do you act on these emotions or bottle them up inside? Either of these methods is not healthy for you and learning how to express your anger in a healthy way is important to leading a long and happy life. The most effective way to express your anger is to use “I” statements instead of “You” statements.

In order to use I statements effectively at first, you will need to learn to calm down before expressing your anger. Take some time to thing over what you would like to say before spitting it out.

Once you have thought through what you would like to say, write it down if you have time. If you don’t have time to write your thoughts down, take the time to thing through your points in your head.

While you are calming down and thinking, your tendency will more than likely be to push the blame off and use the word “you” in a lot of your sentences. More than likely, unless the person or situation that angered you is a very even headed person, you will start to make them upset because using the word you, puts the blame back on the other party.

Now that you have everything thought through in your head, reword everything into “I” statements. Instead of stating, “You really irritated me”, state, “I really feel irritated”. This will allow the other party to know how you feel without putting the blame back on them.

Taking the time to think and reword your thoughts will allow you to calm down before going into an outburst of rage and sooner or later you will start to feel better about yourself because you have learned to communicate with others better as well.

I hope you have learned something about expressing your anger in a healthy way and I know you will start to feel better about yourself once you learn to take these steps. For even more help with anger management please visit

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