A Review: “I Believe” by Eldon Taylor.

A Review: "I Believe" by Eldon Taylor.

Review by Irene Conlan –

This is one of those “easy to read little books” that has a huge impact on your thinking and in the quiet moments invades your thought-space with questions and ponderings.  I say it is easy to read because the chapters are short – what I think of as “bite-sized chapters” – just enough to set your mind on a journey of discovery. It doesn’t send you on a Google journey for more information  but an inner journey that has you chewing on the thought and ferreting out at a deep level what you think and what you believe about what you just read.

It is simple, too, because, while the thoughts are profound it is not written with words that demand a dictionary in your left hand while you hold the book with the right. I don’t mean to imply that it’s “dumbed-down” because it’s anything but that. I mean that anyone with good reading skills can read the book and understand what Taylor is saying. Long after the mind has feasted on the words, however, the soul will dip into its depths over and over to ponder and digest.

The chapters address topics like The Power of Belief, Integrity, Life and Pain, Love and Cruelty, Balance, Goals and Ambition, Peace –  and other critical issues that each person needs to make a personal decision about. It is not a book for sissies or for those who are afraid to look within for the tough answers to serious questions.

Each chapter ends with a reflection. If the book contained nothing but the reflections it would still be worth the price you paid and the time you spent. The reflections are, as they say, “a gift that keeps on giving” because they meander into your mind off and on throughout the day and certainly at night if you happen to be awake. It is the kind of inner work that goes with significant progress on your spiritual path or guides you along an accelerated self-improvement journey.

I recommend this book for anyone who is interested in personal and spiritual growth – and isn’t that most of us? It will help you examine your beliefs in a way you may not have done before and you will find it a handy guide for self discovery at deeper and deeper levels.

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  1. Sounds like a good combination of deep insight and straightforwardness?

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