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Making the Holidays Magical

child at ChristmasBy Tara Hawks –

Children and the holiday season – what a magical combination. Children have the ability to find excitement in everything around them, from the decoration and lights to the food and events. The holidays bring out the little child in all of us, taking us back to a simpler time. A time before the stress of life took away the excitement and magic of the holidays. It is time to bring the magic back!

How can we make the holidays magical for our children and ourselves? We can do it by simply allowing ourselves to live in the moment. Learn to enjoy life through a child’s eyes for a short time. You never know, you might find you like seeing life that way!

Remember the holidays of your youth – what was the one thing you loved most about the holiday season? Recreate that event for your children. Did you attend a holiday concert or go visit a light display. Take your kids, they will love it too. I remember lying in my bed at night and the outdoor lights on our house would softly glow through the curtain. For some reason that sight always got me so excited! Because of that memory I make sure the outdoor lights stay on while the kids are going to sleep. Maybe that won’t mean something to them, but I still love seeing the glow of the lights through the window!

Make memories! Kids won’t remember the gifts you gave them from year to year, but they will remember the things you did with them. Bake cookies and take to a lonely neighbor. Make colored paper chains and decorate the house. Play secret Santa for a less fortunate family. Go ice skating and have hot cocoa afterward. Decorate the house together. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just fun for the family. These are the things that children remember and cherish

Most important, make time for your family. The greatest gift you can give your kids is the memory of you spending time with them. Take the time to make this the greatest holiday season ever

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