Stepping Out of Your Box

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By Carolyn Porter

Our society is obsessed with security. People spend a magnanimous amount of time and energy building a box around their life, one that makes them feels safe and cozy, believing they are secure in it. Their box may be filled with a spouse, children, family, friends, wealth, career, titles, degrees, material acquisitions, and so on. But are any of those things really secure? Things can change with a blink of the eye through a divorce, job loss, natural disaster, anger, death or a multitude of other possibilities. More than likely youve experienced the dynamics of life, the ever-changing status of our journey on this planet. But people keep right on building, and if their box gets trampled they scurry fast to rebuild their perceived security.

Lets go a little deeper. Not only do we build a box for our life experience, but we often erect a box around ourselves, one that keeps us all tucked in without going anywhere. It feels more comfortable so we opt to stay. I believe we each came into this life experience for a specific reason. We are each unique, a one of a kind design of God, not like any other. Our gifts are special, like no one elses, and we have a responsibility to share those gifts. But instead, many hide in their box because they are afraid to step out afraid theyre not good enough, strong enough, smart enough, wealthy enough, or whatever way in which they dont feel enough. All of those lack feelings come from fear, and fear keeps us stuck. What if Columbus had remained afraid? Where would we be now?

It takes courage to step into the unknown when we have no idea whats out there. Yet its only through the belief and determination that theres more than weve seen so far that we can expand into our potential. Sitting snug as a bug in your box will never expand you into all you can be. All of life is about choice, so you always can choose whether to move forward or remain as you are. If Thomas Edison had given up as many urged him to so in his search for electricity, would we still be lighting lanterns to see in the dark?

Never once in my life have I been let down by what I discovered as I walked into uncharted territory. Sometimes I was very afraid, so much so that my legs trembled and didnt feel as if theyd support me, but every time I made it through only to find it was more wonderful than I could have imagined as I looked back over the experience. In the process I grabbed back my power!

The key is in letting go and allowing the details to unfold without getting in the way. First you become willing, ready to move forward, surrendering the details. This is the hardest step for most individuals because they feel they must be in control of every situation in their lives. I promise you that if you surrender your will and allow for the good to come to you, it may come in spectacular surprise packages! Public speaking was never on my list of potentials, but it was on Gods, and by my willingness to break through the fear it has transformed my life in ways I could have never planned.

Secondly, you must believe that you can do it because as a child of God you can. Just as the sky seems endless, so are you. Any limits in your life are ones youve created. Columbus believed he could find another land and he did. Believe it with feeling and you create it!

Thirdly, as the doors open you must walk through them, keeping focused on the light you see in the distance. Once you step out you cannot go back, and why would you want to? You may stumble sometimes, feel alone or even disheartened, but come back to your Power Source and youll make it fine. The biggest fear individuals have is that they will be successful in their endeavor which means they have to step up to their potential. Their own insecurity sabotages this through their ego, which is why there is so much emphasis on building earthly security.

Stepping out of your box frees you to be the magnificent person you already are, allowing your unlimited potential to fly. Dont you think its time to take that first step out?

Carolyn Porter, D. Div., is in Inspirational Speaker, Author of multiple books, ebooks and audios, Spiritual Wholeness Coach,Trainer for speaking, and Energy Facilitator whose passion is to help individuals move beyond their own limiting beliefs and create the life they truly want and deserve.

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