The Value Within

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dawn276I have spoken about the idea of Value before however this is such an important topic I feel the need to write some more. All Value is derived from self. We are the Value, not gold, silver or money and so on. Our creative energy (old 3 dimensional slave concept would be “future labour”) is what makes us more valuable than anything in the ‘outside world.’ The now collapsing and dysfunctional private banking system knew this one simple truth and used it to extract Value from each one of us. They never loaned us a penny that didn’t already belong to us. The former system was set up in such a way that your Value was transferred via the birth certificate process to their stock market and monetized. All loans, mortgages and credit is created via your signature. You are borrowing your own value in the form of money. You are borrowing this Value back. They then charge you interest on your own money. Very slick and ingenious but totally immoral and unlawful!!

The important point to understand is that YOU are the VALUE. Your ideas, energy, talents, passions, and future creativity and expression in this world are the value. The process that is going on for many of you at this time is to understand how to access this Value, not in monetary terms but in terms of adding value to the world and in so doing creating abundance in monetary terms if that is what is desired. To access this Value which all beings on this planet have is to simultaneously awaken and increase your awareness, consciousness or ‘ascend’ whilst removing self-limiting beliefs which block you. Only then will this Value be increasingly accessible to you. It is a process and one that is speeding up tenfold with the increasing vibration of energies present on the planet.

So how do you access this VALUE, your essence, your atman or God self?

By progressively surrendering to the process that is now unfolding for many. It is absolutely impossible to fail because you are already accessing your value or essence. Unfortunately it is being filtered through a belief system (subconscious mind/ego) that is very often limiting. Once these self-limiting beliefs are brought to the surface and transmuted or healed nothing remains apart from who you really are, your greater self!!!

All 3 dimensional concepts of service to the separate self are now imploding and being seen outwardly, eg the failing banking systems, corporate government, stock market etc. If we insist on self-serving pursuits it will no longer be supported. Unity and service to the whole is the name of the ‘game’ now. Actually it’s not a game, it is reality. The fluid nature of reality is in the throes of metamorphosis. The rules have changed. We are in a huge shift and if we remain in our self-serving ego personality, life is becoming tough. Interestingly enough no one can advance too far out in front, much to the frustration of many ‘light warriors’ probably to emphasis the point that this is a group effort. We are all healing (dropping dysfunctional programming) and are being taught or initiated into working together and not alone. Obviously if each of us doesn’t get this important lesson, life will becoming increasingly challenging until we do.

The ‘money issue’ that so many are experiencing presently is the great illusion in as much as there is no such thing as lack. There is an abundance of everything that we need however because of our distorted belief system the existing outwardly manifestation of this (eg the failing banking system and legal system which only applies those ACTING as legal entity PERSONS) was set up to reflect that distortion. Because we have depended on this distorted ego based belief system and passed it down to our children the world has continued for some time in this self-serving ‘extinction cycle’ We do not lack anything quite simply because we are divine! It is not knowing this and identifying with the lower self that causes us to become totally blind to our divine nature.

How do we unblock ourselves and awaken to who we really are?

As I’ve said previously this is a process and will not happen in one sitting however if we examine our motives and belief system behind all that we do and add a big portion of self-love then we shall be well on the way to discovering who we are. Another way of putting this is that we have to ‘witness’ or ‘be mindful’ of everything that we say and do in every minute.

Our Limiting Belief System Prevents a Prosperous Life

The biggest limiting belief is identifying with the personality or ego. The idea that it is you (lower self) that is actually doing anything. The lower self is just a bunch of programs learned from childhood, many of which are hidden and self-limiting or not resourceful. Constantly identifying with the lower-self will not move you forward but will keep you locked into 3 dimensional consciousness of materialism, competition and scarcity. The true creator is in fact your God Self, your essence or creative being and is part of you, not some outwardly worshipped ‘God’ that religion pushes on us.

Another limiting factor but closely related to the ego is emotional glamour. We are constantly being stimulated emotionally by the outside world via marketing and ‘must haves’ to be sexy, strong, accepted, successful and so on. Our emotions are constantly stimulated via our programs ie the ego which wants things to ‘make us feel happy’ for example new clothes, cars, furniture, house, club memberships and on and on it goes.

A final self-limiting area is our need to control people and situations. This stops the flow of life dead in its tracks. It is yet another way the ego rules us and moves us further from our creative essence or value. This creative essence is in fact at one with the omnipresent energy that sustains life on this planet and indeed the universe and cosmos. When we surrender our limiting egos to this force we become peaceful and realise that it is this energy that is the greater part of who we are. This energy is the guiding force in our lives. It is this energy that is the VALUE and which we forgot because it was temporarily hidden by the ego personality. It is this energy that we are all becoming more aware of at this time and it is this energy that will gently lead us back to wholeness and love because it is wholeness and love.

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