10 Tips for What to Do on Bad Body Image Days

Looking for tips on what to do on bad body image days? You are in luck!

Bad body image days happen to us all and, when they do, it can be hard to shake the negative thoughts that often accompany them. First and foremost, it is important to know that what you are feeling is normal. No one feels 100% body confident 100% of the time. No. One.

Secondly, while there may not be a way to get rid of bad body image days forever, there are tips for bad body image days that can really help you overcome that internal dialogue. Next time you are struggling with body image, these tips for bad body image days will help you overcome those emotions.

10 Ideas for What to Do on Bad Body Image Days

1.    Talk to Somebody

This may be something you’ve heard before for when you are having a rough day, but that’s because it really does help. Not only does it distract you from the negative thoughts in your mind, talking to somebody is a great way to remind yourself of the support you have. The fact is that people love you for who you are, regardless of how you look.

2.    Journal

If you don’t feel up to talking to somebody, journaling can be another incredible way to express your thoughts and emotions. Whether you free-write, follow some guided journal prompts, or even just doodle to distract your mind, sitting down with some pen and paper is healing.

Sometimes taking a moment to journal feels even more therapeutic than talking to a loved one. When you write in your journal, there is a level of trust and comfort knowing that you are the only one that has to read it. Feel free to let it all out.

3.    Practice Body Neutrality

Sometimes body confidence doesn’t feel achievable. That is okay. But there is a level of body neutrality that you can aim for instead. Instead of telling yourself you NEED to go from “I hate my body” to “I LOVE my body”, offer yourself some grace to rest in the in-between. Try phrases like “I respect my body”, “I appreciate my body”, “I care for my body”, “I accept my body”… sometimes this feeling of body neutrality, body acceptance, and body respect is right where we need to reside.

4.    Go for a Walk

To be clear, going for a walk is by no means intended to be a form of “exercise”, working to alter your body because you are feeling poorly about it. Remember, we are practicing body respect… which means that we don’t attempt to force our bodies into a smaller space just so we can feel better about it.

However, sometimes you can feel so consumed that you don’t even know what to do on bad body image days… This might be a good time to take a walk. Walking is a natural way to improve mental health and self-esteem. That may just be exactly what you needed on this bad body image day.

5.    Dress Comfortably

This tip is ESSENTIAL for bad body image days. If you are feeling uncomfortable in your body, the last thing you need is tight, itchy, or restrictive clothing to bring more attention to your body.

Instead, allow yourself to put on your favorite pair of leggings and a baggy shirt. Drawing more attention to your body through uncomfortable clothing is going to be counterproductive here.

6.    Be Productive

You know that task that has been on your to-do list for months and you just keep postponing it until tomorrow, over and over again? Yup, the time has come.

Accomplishing this task is a great way to get your mind off of all body-related stuff. But it is more than just a distraction. Accomplishing goals and being productive is also a natural way to feel happier.

So you not only got your mind off of your bad body image day, but you were able to conquer that pesky task you’ve been dreading AND boost your mood. Sounds like a win/win situation.

7.    Eat Regular Meals

This is another super important reminder for what to do on bad body image days. While you may feel tempted to restrict or alter your food on a bad body image day, this is the last thing you should do… for multiple reasons.

Correlating food with your body (and restricting food) is a very dangerous habit to get into. Food restriction and dieting can lead to disordered eating habits that will harm your mental and physical health.

Not to mention, food restriction can lead to heightened emotional responses, increased stress levels, and a decline in overall mental wellbeing. That is the opposite of what you need today.

8.    Surround Yourself With Body Positivity

Whether this is in real life or on social media, it is important to surround yourself with others who speak kindly to and about their bodies. There are many body-positive influencers and social media accounts that you may consider adding to your Instagram feed.

Additionally, you should unfollow any social media accounts that evoke negative thoughts or emotions regarding your body. We don’t have time for that! Uplifting content only!

9.    Thank Your Body

Rather than sit and think about your body for how it LOOKS, take some time to reflect on all it DOES. Maybe it has helped you recover from illness or disease. Maybe it has offered you a child. Maybe it has saved you from a dangerous situation. Even something as simple as when your body reminds you to eat when you are hungry or offers you arms to hug those you love… all of these are incredible things your body does for you. Offer your body some gratitude today for what it does for you.

10. Accept It

Sometimes you just HAVE to accept the bad body image day. Know that they will come. Take comfort knowing that they will pass.

Look in the mirror and don’t like what you see? Sometimes you just have to say “oh well” and move on. Easier said than done, I know… but there are times that is all you can do!

Hopefully, these tips for what to do on bad body image days helped you find a way to overcome the negative thoughts.

Somedays we look in the mirror and struggle with the reflection. That is a natural part of being human. We are our own worst critics.

But at the end of the day, I hope you can take time to remind yourself of all the amazing things your body does and the amazing person you are. After all, the person you are is what matters most… and that is entirely unrelated to how you look on the outside.

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