4 Concepts to Inspire Children to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Good health goes beyond having a vigorous body; it starts with the mind. Guiding your kids toward having the right perspective supplies them with the required toolkit to make good decisions in every aspect of their lives. Here we presents four vital concepts that set children up for happy, successful futures.

4 Concepts to Inspire Childen

Getting Their Priorities Straight

When given the choice, children almost always stray toward whatever is the most instantly gratifying, whether that is a tasty treat or fun activity. However, there are times when activities that aren’t as fun but more important need to take precedence. Teach your kids how to set priorities in their life and explain the benefits of completing the most important tasks before moving to less vital, extracurricular activities.

ADDitude Magazine explains that you can start instilling this concept by creating a to-do list with your children each day, ordering items by importance.  Also, be firm in having your children complete tasks like school work or chores before playing with toys, going out with friends, or watching a movie. However, make sure to add a fun activity or rest time to your daily list to show that taking breaks is essential for a healthy, balanced life.

Listening Before Speaking

While many parents may focus on how to make their kids better talkers, being a good listener is essential for developing stronger communication skills and relationships. Teach your kids to not jump into conversations and to listen fully to the other person talking before speaking.

Demonstrate how a good listener engages in conversation, making sure to ask plenty of open-ended questions and not making assumptions when having discussions with or disciplining your kids. If your children are confused about a topic, explain how repeating back phrases helps to clarify phrases and lets the other person feel heard and valued.

Starting and Finishing Goals

Children need to learn that there are some risks worth taking. Even from an early age, ask your children about their goals and what they hope to achieve in the future. Encourage them to take proactive steps toward starting those aspirations and help them experience how it feels to finish an objective after working so hard to achieve it.

Setting lofty goals and experiencing setbacks can be stressful and disheartening for children, but it helps when they see goal-setting behaviors modeled in adults they look up to. As the parent, demonstrate what it looks like to pursue big dreams. Talk to your child about your passions, such as developing your business management skills, and pursue an online business degree to strengthen skills like accounting and marketing. Or, you can get your social work degree and use your skills to better your community.

Caring About Others

Before becoming more mature and exercising their empathy skills, children tend to be self-centered. Encouraging pretend play and explaining other people’s emotions can help young kids start to look outside their personal bubbles. Read books about emotions and people of other cultures and backgrounds. Find volunteering activities to do as a family, which can include helping at a food drive, picking up trash at a park, or visiting a nursing home. Studies show that volunteering can boost people’s physical and mental health, reduce stress, and lengthen life.

A strong foundation in overall wellness enables children to experience life with a well-balanced mindset and positive outlook toward life. Model these concepts in your own life and impart them to your children through open conversation and practice.

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Sheila Johnson once enjoyed a very successful career, but it came at a cost. Those long work weeks pulling overtime left her feeling stressed and burnt out. She barely had time to see her husband, and she certainly wasn’t prioritizing her health.

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