4 Mindfulness Practice to Appreciate Nature

With everything that’s been going on in the world, we all need a little break to recharge. The outbreak of COVID-19 has taken its toll on the whole world, if not physically then mentally. As a civilization, we already deal with a huge amount of stress on a daily basis and the year 2020 so far has only increased the stress and anxiety for everyone. It’s only natural to worry and take extra measures to protect your and your family’s health, but sometimes, the much-needed self-care moment of peace can be found in the simplest things. These mindfulness practices, while embracing the nature around you, can make a huge difference for your emotional, and ultimately, your physical health. In that sense, you might want to explore different practices to appreciate nature in the mindful way.

1. What’s Your Current Connection to Nature?

Rediscovering your personal connection to nature is not about whether you live in a house or flat, or how big of a yard you have. Every single bit of the natural world that you feel around you is important – even if it’s something as simple as getting to your balcony in the morning and breathing fresh air.

Before you start your journey to appreciate nature the mindful way, it’s crucial that you recognize your current daily practices that already celebrate nature, even if you may not be doing those consciously. Taking the time to smell the air and/or flowers, marvel at the sky, or rest your eyes on greenery are all significant practices that keep you connected to nature, especially if you truly feel better and more energized after engaging in them.

2. Get More Familiar with Nature Around You

Once you’ve become aware of the daily habits you have in regard to nature and the benefits you get, it’s time to deepen your bond and familiarize yourself even more with the natural world around you. It’s already clear that we have an ingrained need to seek a mood boost from nature so why not expand on it as much as you can?

If you tend to spend a lot of your free time on your balcony, do your best to green it up with potted plans. Focus on the things you do such as breathing in and breathing out. When you look at the sky try to remove all other thoughts from your head.

On the other hand, if you like to go out in your yard, this might be the right moment to take up gardening and tweak the landscape however you see fit. In case you’re working from home or not working at all due to COVID-19, filling your time with garden work is bound to improve your mood and fill your lungs with clean air and oxygen. Not to mention that moving around in the garden will provide you with an adequate amount of healthy physical activity. Listen to the natural life around you, accept it, blend into it. You’re already a part of it, it’s just that you too need to realize this.

3. Draw Satisfaction from Growing Plants

It’s true that we may be confined to our homes with rare opportunities to go out as a preventative measure to protect ourselves from the pandemic. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring nature to you. As mentioned, this may be the ideal moment to discover just how beneficial and motivational growing plants can be.

Regardless of whether it’s a shelf with herbs on your balcony or decorative plants in your garden, there’s something truly special and moving in the ability to watch the plants grow when you know you’re the one who’s making that growth possible. What’s more, planting and growing plants allow you to truly recognize your role in the order of things and appreciate nature through this mindfulness practice as someone who’s directly involved with it.

Waking up every day with the powerful purpose of watering and taking care of your plants, noticing them grow and thrive more and more, has a rather positive influence on your psyche as the responsibility we feel towards something so pure and innocent is enough to set some great things in motion from the inside.

4. Let the New Feelings Consume You Through Mindfulness Practice

While it’s only logical that you’ll do your best to avoid large crowds while the pandemic is still at large, it’s not as if you can’t go to areas where there are just a couple or no people at all. Parks and forests are, in that sense, great places to be in order to reconnect to nature, allow it to consume you, and soothe your mind and emotions.

Some people even choose to drive further away from home to more secluded natural areas where there’s only fresh air, greenery, and wildlife, and no danger of contracting the virus. If you’re ready to tackle such an experience, choose the place and spend a couple of hours (if more is not possible) there. Take off your shoes and socks and feel the ground and grass below your feet. Close your eyes as you’re surrounded by living and breathing trees and plants, and take deep breaths. Empty your mind and let these new feelings of appreciation and understanding fill your being whole. This is a very powerful and mindful approach to meditation, which is one of the best practices to appreciate nature and make it a part of you.

To be completely clear, no one guarantees that spending more time in nature and learning how to appreciate it will prevent you from contracting the Coronavirus. However, the physical activity, release of toxins from your body, a higher amount of oxygen you get exposed to, and an abundance of vitamin D are all powerful ways to strengthen your immune system that can help fight against the virus better. What’s more, the mindful approach is bound to elevate your mood, spirituality, and energy levels which will lend you a greater strength for dealing with everything that comes your way. Nature has always been there for you; both you and it deserve to appreciate it more.

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