4 Most Innovative Home Security Inventions You Must Try


In our everyday life, we try as much as we can to stay secured. We sometimes go the extra mile to keep the home secure, and this is where home security inventions come in. No one wants to stay away from home for a while only to get back to damaged and stolen properties. As the world progresses, new inventions are made to make life much easier, and there are now more sophisticated tools today that will help keep the home security tight.

However, with so many tools around today, you may want to consider the most innovative home security invention lists to go for. Who doesn’t love it cool and effective? Some of these security devices are highly technology driven, while some others are quite simple yet effective.

Below are 4 of the most innovative home security inventions you should get in your home today

Innovative Home Security Inventions

Light bulb with a hidden security camera

This light bulb has a concealed camera embedded within that can cover every activity going on while the light is on. It targets the perfect perspective with its 360-degree panoramic view angle and 1.44mm lens panoramic IP camera. These will help avoid blind spots while capturing, and you can easily share videos across other devices without blurs. It also has a noise-reduction microphone and speaker, and motion detector feature that helps to alert your mail or notifies your devices as soon as there is a danger. The 360-degree camera notices a strange and suspicious motion and alerts you immediately.

In addition to all these, it is quite easy to use and makes use of WiFi and hotspot connection. It also works on both Android and iOS

Motion detectors

The simple purpose of a motion detector is to detect moving objects, particularly people. This is a common feature of home security cameras. Earlier before now, motion detectors relied on sound waves to detect movements. However, that wasn’t effective enough as random sounds could activate it, thereby raising false alarms. With the improvement in technology today, motion detectors now work by detecting emitted infrared energy gotten from humans and animals in the form of heat. Now, it senses the presence of body heat and in turn, emits a bright light. If there’s a sudden increase in emitted infrared energy, it could mean danger, and it alerts the home. This is a home security invention you should consider.


Norton Core IOT router

Norton core is a smart, secure WiFi router that helps to protect the home network, with great WiFi connection across an unlimited number of devices. It protects them against malware, hackers, cybercriminals, viruses, and other forms of threats aimed at your devices. This is now being used in CCTV cameras, to avoid hacks or any threats from third parties. The Norton Core IOT router works by inspecting every data for known malware. It quarantine any threat found that may be a potential risk.

It has an ultimate WiFi performance that will help you stream videos and download files at a very high speed. It can also be easily set up with a smartphone, by simply downloading the app and following the guidelines. This is a great option for those with kids, as it has smart parental controls that help parents manage and control what kids see on the internet, by making use of age-appropriate filters.

Ring motion flood light camera

The RIng Motion flood light camera is still one of the best home security devices you can get. With its built-in 3K lumen LED floodlights and a 270-degree field of view, it helps to keep the home secure. It connects to your network via WiFi as long as the switch is on and lights up once it senses an intruder or stays on all night for security reasons. It also has a 110-decibel siren alarm that will alert you once suspicious motion is detected.


A lot of people now invest in home security inventions, but while there are so many of them out there, these four are some of the most innovative ones to go for. Now, you can worry less about burglars, robbers or criminals, since there is already a device set up to alarm you and avoid that from happening.

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