4 Reasons Having A Strong Core Is Essential To A Healthy Life


Having a strong core is so much more than toned abs and a 6 pack. The core is the center of the body. It supports every extension from your head and neck to your fingers and toes. Your core is the reason you can even stand upright. Without a strong core, simple day-to-day activities would be nearly impossible. Keeping our core in shape has a multitude of benefits that can be felt in every facet of life.

Back Pain Prevention And Relief

4 out of 5 Americans struggle with back pain at some point in their lives. It can be an excruciatingly painful and debilitating problem. It prevents some people from getting out of bed and severely limits their day-to-day activities. Strong core muscles help stabilize the back and prevent muscle soreness. The muscles of the trunk, which include the abdominals and muscles of the back, support one another. When one muscle is weak, the others suffer as well. Strong core muscles can act as a preventive measure to back pain. But if back pain emerges, a core strengthening routine is often recommended. It is normally paired with physical therapy, light exercise, and massage therapy. A resilient core can help combat back pain and help you to rely less on pain medications.

Balance And Stability

Your core is the key to staying balanced. It acts as the body’s stabilizer. It allows for you to move your head and limbs in any direction, quickly or suddenly, and remain standing upright. When you venture on bumpy terrain or balance on sidewalk curbs, it is your core that lets you stay up and not fall over. As you grow older, your balance decreases between ages 40 and 50. Every year, 1 in 3 people over 65 will fall due to a decreased sense of balance. Within these falls, 10 to 15 percent resulted in a serious injury. This is due to a series of issues, one of which is decreased muscle strength. Maintaining a core routine throughout your life helps prevent the muscles from atrophying. Having a strong core promotes life-long stability.

Day To Day Activities

When you think of core strength, your brain probably goes to elite athletes and bodybuilders. And while they certainly have strong abdominal muscles, core strength is for everyone. We all need core strength. Not just for working out or strenuous activities, but the day-to-day normalities. Simple acts like tying a shoe, pulling your hair back, and getting up from the dinner table all require core strength. Many mundane actions we do and don’t think twice about, are all supported by our core. These muscles are constantly engaged from the moment we wake up. Even just walking around the house is all thanks to our core. We often don’t realize just how important our core is. It is not until we are in pain and can’t perform even the smallest acts that we realize how important it is.


Growing up, your mom probably yelled at you for your posture at some point. Having good posture not only looks nice in family photos but is crucial for our body to perform all its functions. Good posture helps with the transportation of oxygen through the muscle. Standing up straight allows for you to breathe deeply and for your lungs to properly fill up with oxygen. It keeps all the bones and joints in the body aligned so that our muscles can work correctly. It supports the entirety of the body, meaning less stress is placed on the hips and knees. Aside from help with back pain, proper posture helps prevent arthritis and other diseases of the bones and joints. Proper posture is supported by the core. Having a strong trunk keeps you from tipping over for long periods. The reason we can sit and stand comfortably for long periods is because of the core.

Bottom Line

Our bodies are the vehicles that carry us through our entire lives. We must take care of ourselves and maintain a level of physical fitness. The core is integral to nearly, if not all, of our movements and actions. Without our core, we would not be able to walk, sit, or even properly breathe. As we age, our muscle strength weakens. It is important that we begin a core strengthening routine at a young age and maintain it throughout the rest of our lives.

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