5 Reasons to Add Face Masks to Your Beauty Routine


 When it comes to your skincare routine, sometimes the regular washing and moisturizing just isn’t enough. Here are five good reasons to add in a beauty face mask!

It seems like most of us are on an endless search to find ways to keep our skin’s youthful appearance. Beauty products like moisturizers and wrinkle creams are an integral part of your routine, but sometimes we have to kick it up a bit.

When your skin is a little too dry or oily, or you had a late night, a face mask can seem like a miracle worker. They shouldn’t be part of your daily regimen, yet when you use them right, a beauty mask geared toward your skin type works wonders.

The problem is that there are so many products out there, it’s hard to know which one is best for you. As you learn about the potential benefits to face masks, you can decide which one to add to your beauty routine and how often to use it.

1. Masks Hydrate Your Skin

Every beauty mask has a different intent and its own set of important instructions. Wear a mask too long, and you can dry out your skin or negate the purpose of it. Too little time, and you don’t get all the benefits.

Regardless of the instructions, though, most masks have at least a side intention of being a moisturizer. This is especially true of the kind that you wear overnight. These are hydrating and lock in much-needed moisture to your skin cells.

Since your mask prevents bacteria from building up and stays on your skin longer, there are extra anti-aging benefits.

Hydrating masks work well for skin that is dry, oily, or combination. Any dehydrated cells get the moisture they need to rejuvenate. However, if you do have oily or combo skin, you might want to skip out on your other nighttime moisturizers.

2. Some Masks Even Out Your Skin Tone

Brightening masks are wonderful for smoothing the appearance of uneven skin tones. When your skin is dull or you have age spots, a brightening mask aims to improve your complexion by evening out your cells.

This works in a few ways. For one, using a mask as part of your regular routine draws out impurities that face washing can’t quite get to. A lot of these under-the-surface imperfections are the cause of the uneven tones in your skin.

Brightening masks also have ingredients like:

  • Vitamin C
  • Bearberry
  • Tranexamic acid
  • Niacinamide

These work together to improve your skin’s texture and tone at the surface and even out dark spots.

With a mask designed to bring a smooth radiance to your skin, your beauty routine can bring back that youthful, healthy glow you once had. If you already have the coveted gorgeous skin — use a mask to keep it there!

3. Adding a Mask is Relaxing

Beauty spas around the world offer masks as part of their regular treatments. You don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars to get the same therapeutic effect, though.

By adding a mask to your skincare routine at home, you can relax where you’re comfortable. When you apply the product to your face, there isn’t much else you can do for that short time. It’s the perfect excuse to take a bath, read a book, or watch your favorite TV show.

Whatever you do, make sure it’s as inactive as possible. Masks require you to sit still so they can settle and dry.

You’ll want to stay in one place anyway so you don’t get the cream on your clothes or furniture. Why not take this gift of forced rest and relaxation?

4. Your Pores Will Thank You

Some masks, like charcoal and clay types, absorb the dirt and debris from your clogged pores. Their unique yet gentle properties work to dislodge the buildup from the skin.

The right charcoal or clay mask will absorb oil without leaving your skin dried out. If you tend to have extra oily spots, grab a charcoal mask geared toward absorbing oil, too.

If you notice that your skin feels tight while you’re sitting with the mask on, don’t worry! That is a typical part of the process as the product is drying. But if you have sensitive skin, you might want to choose a mask with charcoal or clay and a soothing agent.

For those with easily irritated skin, an expert tip is to avoid any mask ingredients like natural or synthetic fragrance.

A lot of beauty masks offer scents like eucalyptus or mint as an extra relaxation ingredient. These may cause sensitive skin to break out or become inflamed.

5. Your Skin Will Glow

You know that radiance that you get right after you scrub your face really well?

It disappears after a few minutes for most of us. But there is a reason why it happens, and beauty masks capitalize on the science to improve their products.

When you scrub your face with your face wash, you are forcing the blood in your cells to circulate. Masks do the same thing with their ingredients. They stimulate the blood under your skin to distribute better. This brings more oxygen to the surface skin cells.

While the mask dries and hardens, the blood vessels in your skin expand. The physiological process makes your skin softer and smoother. If you do have uneven blotches, they will slowly even themselves out.

A good beauty mask product uses ingredients that use the extra circulation to bring a glow to your overall appearance.

Some people love the tingling sensation or want to boost their blood circulation to reap the benefits of improved oxygen even more. If this is you, a pro tip is to use a mask with mint in its formula (as long as you don’t have easily irritated skin).


Beauty masks have incredible benefits for your skin’s overall health. They’re also great to add as a routine part of your self-care because of the relaxation component. When you feel less stressed, your body shows it physically, too.

No matter your skin type, there’s a mask that will work for you. With so many reasons to use a face mask, why not add them to your beauty regimen today?

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