5 Tips for Prioritizing Your Daily Tasks


To be successful at work, you need to make sure that your daily tasks align with your company’s goals and objectives. Without this level of focus, you’ll end up spinning your wheels and it will seem as though you’re accomplishing nothing. This lack of focus can also lead to procrastination and mistakes that hurt your business in the long run. Make sure that you’re prioritizing your daily tasks in the right way with these five tips:

Evaluate Your Goals

Ideally, all of your tasks will help you reach your goals. In order to prioritize what tasks are of the greatest value, it’s important to evaluate if they help you achieve your goals or if they need to be put on the back burner while you prioritize your goals. If you have multiple tasks for the same goal, consider evaluating how big of an impact they will make on your goals. For example, if one task will help you get 80% closer to your goal while another task only gets you 20% of the way, then consider doing the 80% task first.

Organize by Date

One of the most effective ways to prioritize your daily tasks is to organize them by when they need to be done. Make a list of everything you need to do and identify the dates associated with each task. This isn’t necessarily when you would like them done but when they need to be done prior to negative consequences. Once you have them in order of dates, create time slots for each task. It’s easy to get distracted by more appealing tasks if they’re not properly organized, but once you know how much time you have available, you’ll be able to set priorities and stick with them.

Create a Time Management Schedule

Another must for prioritizing your daily tasks is understanding time management. Without a time management schedule, you’ll find yourself spending several hours on work that isn’t as important as other projects you could be working on. A time management schedule lets you create realistic goals and parameters for how and when you want to complete different tasks throughout your day. Ideally, you’ll schedule the items that take the most time and effort first and then fill in the remaining time with the smaller tasks that can be completed between other tasks. One of the things that many people notice when taking this approach, is that they can fit in a lot more into their schedules than they previously thought. However, you also need time to reset your mind so you don’t get burned out. This means that you will need to schedule in that reset time as well.

Work With a Personal Life Coach

Consider investing in personal life coaching services to help you get your life together. While it’s tempting to take on everything yourself as an eager entrepreneur, you may benefit more from outside help. Whether it’s for an hour a week or full-time, enlisting someone who can help keep your priorities straight will be worth it. Remember, the right life coach will provide you with daily accountability as they help you prioritize your tasks.

Turn off Your Notifications

Social media, news alerts, and text messages are all great tools to communicate with others, but they can easily distract you from important tasks. If you’re trying to get something important done, turn off your notifications so that you’re not tempted to respond immediately to texts or other messages. You can turn on notifications for certain channels when you finish a task, just keep them off during your active working hours.

With so many things to do and so little time, it can be difficult to figure out how to prioritize your day. Don’t let your work overwhelm you; try these four tips to get your daily tasks in order.

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