7 Inspiring Healthy Habits to Acquire to be a Successful Frugal Mom

Due to current events, everyone is trying to save up. It doesn’t even matter what social class you belong to. We are all trying to manage our money better, especially if we have a family to handle. As responsible mothers, being a frugal mom is the key to stay on top of our family’s finances.

Now don’t get me wrong, being frugal does not mean being cheap! Frugality is the desire and intention to not waste anything. This only shows how responsible you are when it comes to managing material resources. Frugality is living a lifestyle within your means.

By doing this, it will help us have more control over our current financial situation. This will also teach our children to be more responsible and learn how to save money in the long run. If you show your kids how to be wise with their money, then they’re bound to do the same thing. Most important of all, this will help you set long-term financial goals and achieve them.

If you’re here to learn how to be a frugal mom with healthy frugal habits then you’ve come to the right place! Here we will teach you some of the most basic yet relevant frugality traits.

Understand Frugality

People tend to think that frugality is the same as being cheap. Because of that, there are a lot of negative connotations to the word “frugal.” To get straight to the point, there is a huge difference between the two. Someone cheap would focus on cost while someone frugal focuses on value.

Some people also connect the word to the lack of money or options. You have to know that this isn’t the case. We all know someone rich who has more simplicity and financial responsibility than others. How else would they get there if they’ve spent more than what they can afford?

You have to understand that happiness doesn’t always involve spending a lot of money. You don’t have to become broke for you to have a good time. With being frugal, it is possible to have a balance of living a good life and still having savings.

Once you’ve understood the importance of frugality then we’re done with the first step. Now that we’re done clearing the stigma and setting your mindset, we can now proceed!

Know Your Priorities as a Frugal Mom

One of the most crucial skills when being a frugal mom would be budgeting. A monthly budget will help you keep track of where your money is going. This will make it easier to know and manage your monthly expenses. If you’re unsure of what unnecessary things you may be spending on, then this will let you know!

The four most important basic needs would be water, food, shelter, and clothing. These will be the main categories of your monthly budget. If you follow the designated amount you put for each category, you’ll be able to save in no time!

Keep in mind that listing a monthly budget isn’t enough to make this happen. You should also have the financial discipline to follow this! Don’t let your wants be needs and don’t go overboard with how much you spend on it.

Don’t Buy to Impress

As we mentioned earlier, a lot of people have negative connotations to the word frugal. People will always judge you for what you do. To be frugal, you should stop caring about what others think of you. You don’t have to keep up with the trends to impress the real ones in your life anyway.

Trying to impress could mean getting a loan to get the coolest car or buying the latest branded bags. By doing this, you’re putting yourself in debt only to get a little bit of praise. Be true and ask yourself if you even want or at least need the item.

Say No to Expensive Entertainment

The easiest way to cut off expenses would be to reduce your entertainment budget. You don’t need expensive items or island getaways to have fun. You don’t have to spend tons on cinema or splurge on shopping to feel fulfilled.

With a little bit of searching, you’ll find affordable or even free entertainment! As long as you’re with the right people, you’ll enjoy even the simplest activities.

One of the most common and fun activities as a family would be going on a picnic. If you’re feeling a little bit more adventurous, you can also go for a hike. There are also museums and zoos that give free entrance on certain days or events. These are only a few of the examples of free or affordable entertainment that your family will love!

A Little Bit of Help

Even a little bit of discount, sale, or coupon can help a lot when accumulated. This is a very effective way of saving a little bit of cash at the grocery, mall, or online stores.

You can get physical coupons in newspapers or fliers they give out in stores. Some you can get online such as discount codes or online coupons they send through email.

Another form of bonus would be having a membership card. Most of the time, stores have membership cards where you can collect points to get rewards. As a result of being loyal to the store and purchasing there, they can give discounts and such if you’re a member.

If you have a good credit standing, you can get a low interest rate from licensed cashmart in Singapore lenders like the Clementi money lender.

Even the smallest amount you can save for getting that discount or sale is important. Even a small amount, when accumulated, can be huge when it’s time to collect your savings! This delights a frugal mom.

Save Up A Little

Everyone has a goal for the future. Having a long-term financial goal will be possible if you budget your money well. As an individual, you have dreams for yourself. This can be owning a house or having a retirement plan someday.

As a mother, you also want to have savings for the future of your kids. This could include saving up for their healthcare, school, and even college. Saving money for the future of your family is crucial!

Being frugal helps you budget your money better. In turn, you will have enough for your expenses and savings. If you set aside some cash, even little by little, you will feel delighted to see all the money you saved up!

Be Content

Frugality teaches us how to appreciate what we have and not yearn for what we do not need. Over time, you will start to be more grateful for everything and make the most out of it! By being content and grateful, we will in turn become happy with our lives.

This will prove that having fun or living the best life doesn’t include wasting a lot of money. Frugality shows you that even if you’re on a budget, you can still live a great life. Money shouldn’t control your happiness. It is not in charge of how much you’ll enjoy life.

By the end of the day, we want the best for our families. Having your loved ones will always be more important than anything financial. We’re doing it for them anyway. And now that you know this, you’re one step closer to being a frugal mom with healthy frugal habits!

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Faith Dayrit is Cash Mart’s content writer who believes in women empowerment and strength in financial education. Over the years, she hopes to share more insights on how women can independently grow financially. During her free time, she helps her daughter take care of their puppies and bunnies.

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