7 Things Successful People Do When They Have Downtime

So you’re one of the successful people who has worked hard to achieve your dreams. You love your career and continue to grow in all that you do. Life is good! And yet, you don’t seem to get a lot of free time. 

When you finally have a moment to breathe, you end up wasting your time watching shows on Netflix. Even though you deserve to binge watch TV shows once in a while, there are better things you could be doing. 

Are you wondering what other successful people do when they have downtime? 

Read on to find out how you can get the most of your free time as a career-focused individual.

Successful People Do These Things

1. Catch Up on Industry Trends

Are there any blogs that align with your industry, such as Social Media Today

If you specialize in social media, there are many ways to stay abreast of current trends. Reading articles on blogs that focus on marketing and social media is one way to improve your skillset. 

The same goes for other industries. Find out what other people in your industry read to stay up to date with changes. If you want to keep on top of the latest news, subscribe to some reputable sites. Or use a site like Feedly to compile everything and keep track of when new articles go live. 

Whenever you have free time, read about some of the latest trends. In the process, you’ll improve your knowledge and be a bigger asset to your work!

2. Network With Other Professionals 

Whenever there’s free time, network with other professionals in your industry. They can keep you informed of the latest happenings and you can educate them as well. 

Not only that but becoming friends with people who share your line of work is ideal. You’ll have people you can bounce thoughts off of and go to for advice. 

Having connections could also come in handy in the future. If you were to leave your job and look for a new one, friends in your network might know of companies that are hiring.

3. Listen to Podcasts

If there are any podcasts you’ve been dying to listen to, now’s your chance.

Make a list of podcasts that pique your interest and decide which ones you’d like to focus on first. 

If you’re looking for a few podcasts that can give your career a boost, here are a few to check out: 

At first, you may think you need to listen to every podcast out there. It’s fantastic that you’re an overachiever but that’s one of the reasons why you’re short on downtime. 

It’s best to start with a few podcasts that interest you. If you end up with a chance to listen to more, move onto others. Otherwise, focus on a few podcasts until you have an opportunity to add more.

4. Read Self-Improvement Books

There are always ways to improve yourself! Of course, you can incorporate new healthy habits on your own. But many excellent self-improvement books can help you succeed as well! 

Look for authors that discuss topics that’ll advance your career

There are a lot of talented authors who have experience in their field. They want to help you become more confident. Heed their advice and you’ll get excited about the results! 

The more self-improvement tips you soak up, the more motivated you are to thrive!

5. Write Down Your Goals 

It’s good to keep your goals in check, and it’s also wise to create new ones. Having set goals will encourage you to reach for your dreams. 

Since you’re limited on time, make sure your goals aren’t too lofty. They should be achievable and something you can carve out time for in your busy schedule. 

If you want to go on a dream vacation but lack the funds, make a plan to save up money. Luckily, this goal isn’t time-consuming but instead takes discipline. 

And if you’d like to read three chapters a week,  make it happen by setting aside ten minutes each day. 

Keep track of your goals somewhere and check in regularly to see how far you’ve come. You’ll be astounded when you end up accomplishing them all! 

6. Get Away to Someplace New

Even if you’re not an adventurous person, getting away from it all has profound benefits for  successful people. 

Make a list of nearby places you’ve yet to check out. If there are historical landmarks or new hiking trails, why not make time to visit the sites? 

Even if you’re not an adventurous person, you may surprise yourself. Getting out of your comfort zone might even turn you into someone that loves adventure 

Plus, inspiration is everywhere when you take a journey to new destinations. As you get inspired, it’ll spill over to your career and help you achieve great things.

7. Spend Time With Loved Ones 

Time is precious, and when you’re busy, it can escape you. That’s why you must make the most of every moment. It’s easy to forget to spend time with your loved ones. You may take them for granted. 

But even though you’re occupied, it’s essential to take time to see them not only for them but for you as well! 

Spending time with loved ones is also beneficial for your mental health. Family can be a sounding board when you’re struggling. And they can help you lighten up and appreciate life. 

Even the busiest of professionals appreciate taking time off. So make a point to spend more time with your loved ones and enjoy life a little bit more!


Staying busy may not bother you. As a matter of fact, you love being on the go! 

But even when you excel under pressure, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop and smell the roses. If you don’t force yourself to do things during your downtime that’ll help you grow, life will pass you by. 

Start writing down some goals for the next time you have downtime. As one of the successful people  you can get more done by taking time to breathe!

About the Author

Adam Marshall is a freelance writer who specializes in all things apartment organization, real estate, and college advice. He currently works with The Arch Denton to help them with their online marketing.

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