8 Tips for Building Relationship Equality

Happy relationships aren’t only about romantic on the surface. They are about balance and supportive partners. Dating Mentor says that the key to a happy couple in present times is relationship equality. Psychiatrists and therapists today claim that unhappy marriages and dissatisfaction in a relationship cause mental health problems, including depression. Unfortunately, relationship equality is common within most couples.

But as a topic of concern, equality in a relationship seems so foreign and misunderstood, it’s essential to look at its meaning before going ahead.

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What Is the Equality In a Relationship?

Equality is the ability to:

  • Make decisions regarding every aspect that impacts a household or relationship;
  • Share responsibilities;
  • Have influence.

It can act as an equality definition. Modern men and women are high on gender equality. However, a certain percentage still don’t understand its meaning in a relationship and feel love is enough. But the problem starts when two people with different opinions regarding equality fall in love. Now you can’t blame anyone for being brought up with a specific notion, can you? Especially, since the meaning of love, care, and equality is often misunderstood. Hence, understanding the importance and benefits with correct examples of equality becomes an integral part of growing in a modern relationship.

Why Is Equality Important In a Relationship?

Even though gender roles are typical, it’s slowly becoming a thing of the past because of the need for equality by empowered women and liberal men. Since modern women are educated and independent, not being given a chance to speak their minds hurts their ego. On the other hand, men don’t like playing the expected roles alone, like being the family’s bread earner. They like cooking, helping with the dishes, and splitting the shopping and food bills as well. Moreover, building equality in a relationship creates a healthy and supportive environment for the couple. The main equality benefit is creating a perfect balance between two people.

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And since it’s a win-win practice for everyone, here are eight helpful tips for introducing equality in your relationship:

1. Communicate

Did you know one can solve almost any problem through communication? That is because the root of many problems lies in misunderstanding, which a discussion can solve. For example, if you face issues with the current state of equality in your relationship, you should discuss your problems and expectations. Then, instead of throwing tantrums, complaining, creating distance, concentrate on working it out.

For example, tell your partner about the reasons why you felt the lack of equality in your relationship and how you felt about it. Then follow the conversation with possible solutions.

2. Listen and Care to Explain

Always listen to what your partner has to say to establish equality. Shutting up someone just because you think you know better is the worst attitude to have for anyone. It’s straightaway disrespectful. So, as you communicate, let your partner do the same and share his/her problems about the issue. Also, if there’s a matter at hand where your partner is interested in giving their opinion, listen, regard, and explain if you think it’s not a good option. It’s how equality of opinions works in a family.

For example, men generally tend to shut up women regarding finances, investments, and office matters. On the other hand, women don’t consider men’s take on home, kitchen, fashion, and child care matters. However, the key to evolve and boost equality in a relationship is collaboration.

3. Ask for Opinions and Feedbacks

In case your partner doesn’t share opinions in your matters, ask them. It could act as a new window and may encourage them to regard your opinion as well. Moreover, equality is a sensitive issue and can spur arguments in unexpected ways. Hence, instead of discussing, you can initiate what you expect from your partner for marriage equality. Sometimes actions speak a thousand words.

For example, if you are a working man, take your wife’s opinions on your new project. As a woman, ask your husband what he thinks about the dress you want to buy or what he’d do about certain childcare matters.

4. NEVER Insult

You should never insult your partner even if you disagree. Instead, treat your partner like you would treat your child. The critical factor here is to understand you could and would mess up too, and your behavior will only set an example for equality in the long run.

For example, if your partner tried to cook dinner and spoiled it, don’t blame him/her. Share the story of how did you cook for the first time and compliment his/her efforts.

5. Remove Financial Imbalance From Your Relationship

Studies show that one of the key factors causing inequality in a household is financial imbalance. The earning member or the one who earns more becomes the default decision-maker or dominant. So, what’s the solution? Try to be financially independent no matter how small your salary is as it gives you confidence. If you don’t earn currently, sit with your partner to discuss your responsibilities at home and decide on a wage. You could also control the monthly household expenditure, help with the budget, and create your separate savings. Stating duties at the very beginning of a relationship could help you avoid problems regarding equality.

6. Support

Talk about everything: life, family, work, dreams, ideas, people, etc. It leads to transparency and increased understanding between you two. With background knowledge, you understand your partner’s reasons and become appreciative. Taking an interest in each other’s lives and supporting each other with their decisions is the ultimate form of equality in a relationship.

7. Divide Responsibilities

One of the best ways to initiate family equality is by dividing household responsibilities with your partner and your kids if you have any. For example, if you clean the kitchen and toilet, ask your partner to do the other rooms, and your kids can do their room. Decide on who will pay the bills and who will take care of the groceries. It builds equality and develops good habits and respect towards each other’s work. However, never be afraid to cover or accompany your partner in their tasks when one is a little sick or needs help. After all, it’s all about collaboration.

8. Do the Sex Talk

Often sex is the most crucial factor in a relationship. The activities and attitude in bed can make or break the mood and, at times, even the relationship. Hence, irrespective of your gender, don’t shy away from discussing your likes, dislikes, and needs in bed. However, while you are at it, don’t forget it’s all about equality. Thus, asking your partner the same could make your relationship more intimate and help you learn many unknown facts about yourself. When you come across a need that can’t be satisfied willingly by one of you, refrain from showing disappointment on your face. Think of an alternate way instead to increase the excitement and show that satisfaction is essential.

For example, if you don’t like oral, suggest toys. If you don’t like their fetish, try a slightly softer version of their fetish.

Take Away

After covering all the points, you will see that respect is the key to equality if you think of it. Equality in a relationship asks for respect towards each other and oneself. So start with that in mind. You will surely be able to create a happy relationship. But before you start planning your subsequent actions, comment below the main issue in your relationship that makes you believe it lacks equality?

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