9 Anti-Aging Foods for Younger Looking Skin


The body undergoes a series of changes throughout the years. These changes tend to be visible on the skin, as it loses fullness, elasticity, and glow. As a result, people tend to find fine lines and wrinkles. Factors such as the environment, genes, and well-being contribute to the appearance of signs of aging on the skin.  So is there anything we can do to maintain younger looking skin?

Everyone can develop habits for healthy skin. Numerous topical skincare products are available in the market, but the results could be a little more stunning by taking care of your skin from the inside. Who knows? Your new skincare regimen could just be in your kitchen all along. Here are 9 foods with properties that will help you achieve younger-looking skin.

Foods to Add in Your Diet for Younger Looking Skin


Avocados are known for being rich in fatty acids, which your skin needs for anti-aging. They contain omega-3 fatty acids, alpha-linolenic acid, and B vitamins, all of which contribute to the hydration of the skin and reduction of signs of stress. As a result, you get glowing skin and lesser chances of having fine lines.


A study has found that people who added honey with high polyphenol content in their diets had more antioxidants present in their blood. Antioxidants are essential to the body’s disease-fighting abilities. Honey also contributes to minimizing signs of aging. Consider replacing sugar or other artificial sweeteners with honey. It’s a healthier alternative, and your sweet tooth won’t be so sad.

Fish and Shellfish

Protein is integral to the life of a cell, aiding in muscle repair and growth. The good news is fish and shellfish are rich in protein. Paired with amino acids that create collagen, this combination is extremely beneficial to the skin with its anti-aging benefits. Salmon, for example, has omega-3, which is effective for moisturizing the skin and increasing its elasticity.


Another popular and very accessible source of protein is eggs. Egg whites are rich in protein, while the yolks contain biotin. Eggs also contain a huge percentage of amino acids, antioxidants, and vitamins. They have lecithin, choline, and lutein—all of which help in the production of collagen and elastin. They also protect and repair the skin from sun damage. For tomorrow’s breakfast, cook up both the white and the yolk to get all of the benefits of this anti-aging gem.

Green Tea

Green tea is filled with polyphenols, particularly catechins. They protect the body from free radicals by breaking them down until they can’t cause damage to the body anymore. Polyphenols play a crucial role in protecting the skin from sun damage. So, having them as a substitute for morning coffee won’t only help you stay awake but also keep you looking young.

Olive Oil

Olive oil beats other types of oil in the skin benefits that it brings. It packs antioxidants that fight free radicals and monosaturated fats that promote skin elasticity. As a result, the skin is more protected from damage caused by external or environmental factors such as pollution and UV rays. Consequently, a study found that more intake of olive oil leads to a 31% decrease in the appearance of signs of aging on the skin.

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate, the universally loved dessert, works best in satisfying cravings and achieving younger-looking skin. The antioxidants found in chocolate prevents sun damage on the skin. However, you should choose ones that have high-flavanol content or those that contain at least 70% cocoa solids. Oftentimes, the flavanol content goes lower when milk chocolate comes into the mix. This is why dark chocolate is the best option for anti-aging purposes.


For carrots, the star of the show is beta carotene. In the body, beta carotene becomes vitamin A, acting as an antioxidant. Vitamin A deficiency affects the skin, hair, and nails. To avoid these symptoms, adding carrots to your diet helps prevent dry skin, dandruff, and other blemishes. The antioxidant properties also help repair the skin and prevent further damage to the body.


Water is the magic liquid. There are no other drinks that do as many wonders as water does. While there is not much research supporting the direct skin benefits of drinking a lot of water, it is crucial to stay hydrated. Water helps flush out toxins in the body that are detrimental to your health and which can lead to visible signs of aging in the long run. So, don’t forget to stay hydrated! Have a glass of water within your reach at your desk or while watching TV. A water bottle is handy when you’re outside, too.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

One of the best ways to avoid signs of aging is to take care of your body from the inside. Adding foods that are rich in proteins, amino acids, vitamins, and antioxidants prevents the skin from losing fullness. Overall, a healthy diet should take care of everything.

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