5 Dressing and Grooming Essentials for Acing that Job Interview

Even as you’re preparing the perfect answers for acing that job interview, you’ll also need to pay particular attention to the full attire you’ll have on. Remember, when you walk into that interview room, the hiring manager is going to instantly form a strong opinion about you. And, within the next 15 seconds, a decision will have been made regarding whether or not to hire you.

Create the Right Impression with Perfect Clothes and Grooming

The right outfit and proper grooming can say a lot about who you are and your attitude towards the company where you’re applying for that job. For instance, the attention you give to your appearance indicates an attention to detail. It also projects your commitment to perfection in every task you undertake. The better dressed you are shows that the job is important to you, which is why you’ve made that extra effort to look great. In short, it shows respect for the company and the people who are going to interview you. And, that gives you a better chance at acing that job interview.

As associate professor of psychology at Oregon State University, Frank Bernieri, Ph.D. says, “Dressing conservatively means you care on a couple of different dimensions. One, you’re making an effort; two, you’re making an effort not to offend; three you’re polite and respectful.”

Here’s another positive. If the hiring manager decides she likes you, she’s more likely to overlook any mistakes and errors you make during the interview process. And, when making a final decision, she is liable to choose the best-dressed candidate. That’s because all through your conversation, she’s assessing you for the particular post you’ve applied for and thinking about how well you’ll fit in.

Here are some tips that can give you an edge over that competition and have you acing that job interview.

1. Choose a Conservative Outfit

Even if the company culture says casual clothes, you absolutely need to display a conservative persona. A neat button-down shirt, slacks, and jacket are perfect. Pick job interviewout neutral colors that match your skin tone, though black is one color you can never go wrong with. Avoid loud colors and prints for shirts. You need people to pay attention to your responses and not get distracted by the bright colors you have on. Avoid see-through blouses or plunging necklines – skin show is an absolute no-no. Make sure the entire focus is on you. If you’re carrying a bag, again look for neutral shades that don’t draw attention, and you’ll soon be acing that job interview.

2. Ensure that Your Outfit is Well-Maintained

To raise your chances of acing that job interview, make sure your clothes are neat and clean. Wrinkled clothes with stains on them indicate a careless attitude. Take the time to repair loose threads, undone seams, and buttons. Have your outfit laundered or iron it carefully. Nothing projects a professional look better than a smart, crisp shirt and suit. And, if you intend to wear pantyhose, carry a spare in your purse in case you have a run and need to change quickly.

3. Dress for Comfort

Try on the full attire a night before the interview. Eliminate any item that does not fit well, or you’ll end up looking uncomfortable. You need to have your complete attention directed at the interviewer’s questions, and a tight shirt will have you squirming in your seat. Well-fitting clothes also lend added appeal to your appearance and help you in acing that job interview.

4. Pick Out the Right Shoes and Accessories

When you’re working on acing that job interview, you can never go wrong with closed shoes with low heels. Although heels look attractive, you can’t chance tripping over your feet when you walk into the room. Play down the accessories or avoid completely. Anything flashy you wear can draw the eye and distract the hiring manager from what you have to say. And, take care never to wear cheap trinkets. Any makeup you wear should be subtle and only intended to accentuate your features without being too loud. Makeup is actually essential because it makes people trust and respect you.

5. Some Grooming Essentials

job interviewNow that you have your apparel in place, another essential to pay careful attention to is the grooming. Shower in the morning and wear deodorant. Nothing puts off people more than body odor. However, lay off strong perfumes that can dominate the interview room when you walk in and kill your chances of acing that job interview.

Remove all unwanted facial and body hair. And, that includes uni-brows, bushy eyebrows, nasal and ear hair aside from the hair on your arms and legs. A wise option is to find a long-lasting solution for them. As the experts at the BHRC, center for permanent laser hair removal in Los Angeles will advise, a few sessions of these treatments can leave you hair free and looking well-groomed for good. And of course, make sure the hair on your head is neat, well-brushed, and stays in place. At no point during the interview talk should you feel the need to fix it.

Don’t Let Your Attire Get in the Way of Acing that Job Interview

You’re smart. You’re talented. You’re just the right candidate for the post. Don’t let your clothes and appearance get in the way of landing the job. You only need to follow these few simple tips, and you’re sure to be successful. Here’s a final tip. Looking great makes you feel confident and sure. You need all of that when demonstrating that you’re the best thing that can happen to the company. And, acing that job interview.

About the Author

Saroj Aggarwal is an expert writer with more than 4 years experience keenly interested in helping people in acing that job interview. She has conducted extensive study into the business sphere and what does and does not work with candidates looking for jobs. Saroj is also dedicated to understanding the establishment and working of small businesses and enterprises.

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