Balance Your Life: Why Yoga Is the New Holy Grail

Yoga is becoming more mainstream in recent years, with more than 300 million yoga practitioners in the world. Some people are still not on board with yoga as a form of exercise and a path to a healthier lifestyle. If you have been wondering why yoga is the new holy grail, this article will provide you with answers. 

Yoga is a 5,000-year-old practice with Indian roots, embedded with tradition and scripts. Out of all the yoga practitioners in the world, 50% of them are of Indian ancestry. However, the rise of yoga continues with the USA being the second country on the list with most yogis. 

Is it Truly the New Holy Grail?

What really makes yoga great is its health benefits on a person’s body. There are numerous benefits that will help boost your health or restart your organism completely. People that choose to introduce yoga into their weekly rituals usually see results quickly. Research shows that just 15 minutes of daily yoga exercise will boost your mood and change your brain’s chemistry positively.

With more than 100 styles of yoga, anyone can find a suitable form of exercise that will lead to healthier results. One of the most important benefits that yoga has is its effect on the immune system. Norweigan researchers have found that practicing yoga makes gene expression changes in a person’s immune system. It improves immunity and helps fight against the flu season.

Different yoga poses are the reason why yogis do not complain about back problems. It is not easy to narrow it down, but there are around 300 different yoga positions. Those positions, in combination with breathing, are of crucial significance to help elevate back problems. Posture improves drastically, both while walking and sitting.

Additionally, yoga has had quite an impact in the fight against breast cancer. Some studies made a connection between practicing yoga and cancer inflammations. Breast cancer survivors usually experience consequences in the form of inflammation and fatigue. Yoga helps with both chronic and periodic inflammation.

Yoga Helps with Mental Health

Even in 2020, people still feel that talking about mental health is a taboo topic. There has always been a stigma surrounding mental health, but millennials and younger generations are more willing to open up about their struggles. What studies have shown is how yoga can make a difference in one’s mind and not just physically. Mental health is the main reason why yoga is considered the new holy grail of exercise.

To begin with, it started as a form of meditation long before it was a form of exercise. It is essential to establish a mind-body connection. During activities, you should pay attention to how your body moves and reacts with every breath you take. Noticing how your body feels during certain poses helps you become more alert. Breathing techniques during yoga are crucial since they lead to stress relief and relaxation.

Some people cannot find the help they need in the traditional form of therapists and medication. For them, yoga is a life-changing solution. Exercise with different ways of breathing improves the impact on the autonomic nervous system. And when the autonomic nervous system is developed, the brain’s chemistry also improves and changes. 

As we mentioned, breathing is crucial, and that is why it helps with anxiety. In combination with movement, it helps take the edge off symptoms of anxiety. Practicing yoga can help decrease anxiety levels by 40%. Yoga postures called asanas can stretch, lengthen, and balance the muscles, which lead to ease anxiety. 

Yoga is Leaving an Impact on Everyone

Only in the United States, there are more than 37 million people that practice yoga. It only took a few years for yoga to reach the top of the list of most practiced sports in the US. The number has doubled, and people of both genders are more open to trying yoga. One in ten Americans practice yoga regularly. On the other hand, one in five Americans has tried yoga at least once.

However, men are still skeptical about trying yoga, which is why ladies compose the majority of yoga practitioners—72%. Nevertheless, more men every day are joining the trend because of the benefits such as sexual performance, flexibility, and overall better health.

Interestingly, people in the age range of 30-49 are the most common yoga practitioners. Around 43% of them are practicing it, compared to 38% of people older than 50. However, people aged 18-29 practice yoga the least, with only 19%. Children are familiar with yoga classes, as 37% of them practice it regularly.

Yoga is not a competitive sport, so if you enjoy physical activities but prefer to do it solo or avoid injuries, yoga is the perfect option. It does not allow comparing yourself to others, so it is easy to focus on yourself and your improvement rather than checking what other people in the room are doing. Yoga-related injuries are unlikely if you follow necessary warm-up activities such as stretching. 

Additional Benefits of Yoga 

If you are still not sure whether yoga is an exceptional option to introduce into your life and why it is becoming the new holy grail, here are some additional benefits that will help you decide. 

Since yoga offers some insights into your mind, it will most likely change the way you view and treat your body. Changing the way you fuel it is probably the best way to help it feel its best. If your mindset is changed, then you will introduce new positive eating habits that will help you reduce your weight. Eating healthier and exercising is a guaranteed method of getting your body in shape.

Another thing that makes yoga amazing is the possibility of practicing it anywhere. It is not only meant to be practiced in yoga classes. If you have space, you can do it at home. If you are a workaholic, your office is an excellent place for a 15-minute daily exercise. 

On the other hand, if you prefer nature over closed spaces, the park is your sanctuary. There are many options to choose from, and it is quite easy to adapt.

Additionally, practicing yoga does not require a lot of money. It is best to start with a reasonable investment in a yoga mat. You do not need any other special gear, as you can do it by watching online videos at your home. If you can’t afford a yoga mat, your carpet will do fine. 


Yoga is the new holy grail when it comes to physical and mental benefits. Research and statistics show how yoga affects our lives positively and why life becomes healthier with every pose and breath. Take into account all that you can gain from yoga and start the journey with an open mind.

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