Whether you’ve fallen into a creative slump or just want to get inspired to make something new, there are loads of speakers and lectures out there that can explain, ignite and hopefully, motivate your creativity. Here are just a few we’ve pulled together to help you get your creative juices flowing and offer a free online education in everything creative, innovative and artistic right at your fingertips.

On Creativity

These speakers address what creativity is and how you can harness it.

  1. Elizabeth Gilbert on Nurturing Creativity: Author Elizabeth Gilbert muses on the nature of genius and the creativity we all hold inside in this lecture.
  2. Tim Brown on Creativity and Play: In this talk, designer Tim Brown discusses the powerful connection between creative thinking and play.
  3. Amy Tan on Creativity: Here, you can watch Amy Tan talk about how her creative process evolved over the years.
  4. Creative Mind: Conditions for Creative Work: A collection of psychologists, philosophers and anthropologists discuss what conditions are best for creative work in this talk.
  5. Isaac Mizrahi on fashion and creativity: You’ll hear from designer Isaac Mizrahi in this talk, as he discusses inspiration and tips on living a long, happy, creative life.
  6. Creativity and Mood: Two poets discuss the relationship between creativity and mood in this video.


Learn about amazing innovators and inventions in these talks.

  1. Emerging Technologies: The Innovators: In this talk you can hear several experts talk about the conditions that urge innovation forth.
  2. Art and Technology: Check out this lecture to hear Evan Ziporyn, Jay Scheib and Krzysztof Wodiczko talk about the intersection of art and technology.
  3. Charles Leadbetter on Innovation: Learn why innovation isn’t just for professionals anymore in this lecture, and why every person, even you, can discover something new.
  4. Engineering a Better Life: This lecture will show you how thinking creatively can not only lead to artistic solutions but social ones as well.

Inspiration and Understanding

Try out these lectures to get inspired creatively or just better understand how your creative side functions.

  1. Sowing the Seeds for a More Creative Society: This lecture will show ways that young minds can be taught to think more creatively, some principles you might even be able to apply to your own life as well.
  2. Teaching Life Lessons Through Tinkering: The school where Gever Tulley teaches and the talk he gives about it here will show you the importance of letting your creativity run wild.
  3. Art in Times Like These: Watch this talk to get inspired to create, as you learn about the importance of creating art in troubling times.
  4. The Power of Time Off: Learn from this lecture why taking a break can sometimes be just what you need to feel creative again.
  5. 17 Words of Architectural Inspiration: Daniel Libeskind shares several words in this lecture that can inspire minds to create beautiful, innovative and sometimes risky projects.
  6. Larry Lessig on Laws That Choke Creativity: In this talk, you’ll hear from lawyer Larry Lessig and why he feels current laws limit the creative spirit.
  7. The Fringe Benefits of Failure: J.K. Rowling, author of the wildly popular Harry Potter novels, discusses how your creative failures can be blessings in disguise in this talk.
  8. Do What You Love: Here, web entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk explains why it’s essential to do what you love and what makes you happy.

Creative People

Check out these talks from or about creative individuals to get motivated to create your own artistic opus.

  1. We Are the Stories We Tell Ourselves: This talk from Bollywood director Shekhar Kapur explains where his creativity comes from.
  2. Steve Almond 101: Geared towards creative writing students and writers, this lecture offers a unique take on the art of creative writing.
  3. Einstein and Picasso: The Beauty That Causes Havoc: Arthur I. Miller explores the similarities in the lives of these two great minds, suggesting perhaps that certain circumstances breed creativity.
  4. The Design Genius of Ray and Charles Eames: In this video from TED, you’ll see and hear about the lives of these two big names in film and furniture design.
  5. James Cameron: Before Avatar: Learn what inspired filmmaker James Cameron to create the worlds of Avatar, Terminator, Aliens and Titanic in this talk.
  6. A Beautiful Mind: Genius, Madness and Reawakening: Explore the mystery of the human mind, creativity and genius in this lecture on the mathematician John Nash.
  7. Dance to Change the World: Learn from this dancer and politician why dance may be one of the most powerful ways to change the world in this talk.

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