Does your failure motivate you?


We all fail at something along the way. The important thing is do you learn from your failure and does your failure motivate you?

Is your motivation self-sustained?

If I want to do this, I’ll have to figure out my own motivation, in addition to dealing with the social situation I’m in. I don’t need motivation that comes from my boss, my co-workers, or the fact that I want to be more successful in my career. That motivation is there all the time. Or the enforcement, I’d rather call it as.

It’s my motivation for stepping into this space, regardless of my boss, or if I get fired, or if I move on and start a new career. This would be a typical “away from motivation”. I don’t think motivation from my work should be a substitute for my own motivation.

The intrinsic motivation:

Motivation from my boss and co-workers isn’t a motivator in the sense that I’m not driven to work harder because they want me to. I’m driven to work harder and do better because I want to be successful. My self-motivation comes from my goals, my own self-determination. That’s what motivates me. What prevents me from achieving my own goal is the obstacle in my mind.

Whether you’re working on your own project, in a job you love, or on a career you’re going to be happy with. Motivation should be the fuel you turn on for yourself. Because if you feel the motivation that comes from a sense of personal failure, that’s when motivation starts to fail you. There should be more to motivate you, besides wanting to do well. That’s the motivation I need to step up, face the hurdles, and push my self-motivation higher and higher.

Motivation by failure.

Motivation comes from you. We’re all motivated by personal failure in one way or another. It can be a big setback at work. It can be a divorce or a broken relationship with a friend. It can be too many commitments in life. Or it can be your own personal goals, your own dreams. Your self-motivation should come from your own desire.

Motivation, and motivation from others, is good fuel for motivation. But, you have to motivate yourself and you have to get to the point where you push yourself. Even if you have to work outside of the boundaries of your comfort zone.

That’s the motivation that will help push you to break through obstacles. That’s the motivation that will inspire you to keep pushing forward when you’re getting tired. That’s the motivation that will help you see your vision through, no matter what obstacles you’ve faced with.

It’s that self-motivation, self-determination, and motivation that will help you push through the walls of your own self-motivation. It’s a cycle. You push through your self-motivation and you can reach your goals.

So the self-motivation doesn’t go away.

But what is the obstacle?

Motivation can help you break through obstacles. But to reach your goals, you have to push through your self-motivation, your motivation, your motivation from others. It’s up to you to push through your motivation and motivate yourself to your own self-determination.

Like I needed my motivation to convince me to write this or change jobs, I need self-motivation to get me through the walls of my self-motivation.

I’m still motivated. It’s that I’ve experienced that self-motivation that comes from feeling self-compassion, self-motivation, self-discipline, and more self-discipline. I’ve experienced a new type of motivation. A motivation that comes from learning, studying, and reflecting. Motivation comes from reflecting on my actions and how I feel about myself.

A motivation from reflecting on self-worth.

From :

  • learning how to recognize that self-love is important.
  • recognizing self-responsibility.
  • finding ways to self-motivate me.
  •  thinking about the steps I need to take to become a better person.

A self-motivation from learning how to get more self-motivation that comes from wanting to succeed and be successful in my own way. It’s been a long process that has gotten me to where I am today, and it’s definitely still ongoing.

I know that I’m going to face many obstacles in life. That’s a part of life. It’s hard for me to take that self-motivation away from myself and focus on other people. But I have to fight through that self-motivation, too.

For now, I’m pushing through my self-motivation. And if I can do that, I know I’m going to succeed.

I hope this post encouraged you to push through your self-motivation, too. It’s a big deal. You have to put your own self-motivation first.

Take care of yourself, first. Because if you’re going to be motivated by the motivation of others, you’re going to fail.

Take care of your mind and the mind will take care of you. It takes energy to do something, and motivation is that energy to do a change.

About the Author

A Mueed Qazi is the founder of See Through Hearts, where he write about personal development. He is a Life coach and a counselor with a major in Psychology. His primary focus is dealing with an inferiority complex, public speaking, and goal setting. A Mueed is also an educationalist working for a school for a decade.

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