Get Started in the Video Game Business as an Entrepreneur

While many people focus on more traditional business ventures, there is no reason why you can’t harness your creativity as an online entrepreneur. There are millions of people around the world who absolutely love video games. Many  want a shot at making games of their own. There are only a select few, however, who have the drive and ambition to make a living off of the business of video games. If you’re looking to get started as an entrepreneur in this competitive, field, you’ll want to consider the five methods discussed below. Video game creators can start from scratch, crowdfund their concepts, gather a team, innovate someone else’s concept, or buy into an existing team. Read on for more information about how to get started in the video game business as an entrepreneur.

Get started in the video game business as an entrepreneur

The toughest, yet still most common, way to become a video game entrepreneur is to build your own games from scratch. It’s easier than ever to design a small game, with some major success stories coming out of the indie game scene. Whether you are developing a killer app for a new phone or a critical masterpiece, you can get into the world of gaming by doing it all yourself. The downside to this method is that it does require you to work without any pay or support, which can be difficult even if it is a passion project.

Crowdfund a Dream

If emptying your savings doesn’t sound like the key towards your future success, you might want to look for someone else to fund your dream. Crowdfunding is very popular in the video game space, especially among those with great ideas and little actual liquid cash. Always work with a platform that uses the best practices crowdfunding has to offer so that you can ensure that your funding goes where it needs to go.

Gather Your Own Team

Maybe you’re not the kind of person who can do it all on his or her own. If this is the case, building a team might be the best way to go. Entrepreneurs can provide funding and direction while skilled artists and programmers put together the game. While this version of entering the market does cost more, it allows you to lean on those who have more experience in their own fields.

Be an Innovator

Another good way to get into the business of games is to see what someone else is already doing and to take it to the next level. There are several success stories in the gaming world of people who have built paid mods for popular games who later go on to create their own independent works. Following down this path does put you in competition with plenty of others who want to do the same thing. Still, innovating on the ideas of others can provide you a path towards success.


Finally, you might find it easiest to buy into an existing team. If you have the money, you can help to fund projects that will go on to be successful. Whether you buy out a studio in its entirety or you merely come on as a shareholder, you can get into the business of games just by opening your wallet.

There are many paths towards becoming a video game entrepreneur. Whether you are a creative programmer or a fiscal professional, you can get into this field. While video games aren’t always a sure path to profit, they are an incredibly engaging field into which to conduct your business.

So why don’t you get started in the video game business as an entrepreneur now?

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