Getting High Quality Sleep When You’re Anxious

High quality sleep is what allows us to function to the best of our ability throughout the day. However, when you don’t get that quality sleep at night, it can lead to a bad day that just never seems to end. For many people, this leads them into a cycle where they are anxious because they had a bad day, they can’t sleep because they are anxious, and so on. If you find that you’re overly anxious before bed, here are some great techniques to employ to get to sleep faster and sleep more soundly throughout the night.

Try Bedtime Yoga

Yoga has long been used to alleviate both physical and mental tension. Its incorporation of controlled deep breathing and slow stretching movements allows for overall relaxation of the body. Not only will the stretching in yoga help you to relax your body before bed, but the breathing practices will also help to calm your mind as well. There are countless videos all over the internet and apps for your phone that you can try. Practice yoga just before bed for a week and see if you notice a big difference. If so, incorporate this practice in your regular nighttime routine.

Invest in the Right Mattress and Bedding

For many people, they find that they aren’t able to get the sleep they need because they aren’t comfortable at night. Often this is because of an old mattress, itchy sheets, or not being the right temperature. Feeling uncomfortable just adds to nighttime anxiety.

Get rid of your old mattress and buy something that is more suited to what you need now. Sometimes this will mean upgrading the size from a full to a queen mattress or investing in one that can adjust firmness or softness. Additionally, make sure you have the sheets and blankets you need. One item that many people with anxiety swear by, is a weighted blanket. The concept behind these blankets is that they provide a loving hug to your body. The slight heaviness that the blanket provides can assist you in calming your body.

Try a Sound Machine

Many people who are anxious before bed state that their thoughts keep them up. Often the silence around you can amplify your own thoughts in your head. One way to quiet your mind a little bit is by adding some ambient noise around you. Use a sound machine to produce white noise that helps to take the attention of your subconscious mind and allow you to fall asleep faster.

Deep Breathing Exercises

One great way to help calm down the body and alleviate anxiousness is to practice deep breathing while you are in bed and trying to sleep. Focus your energy on filling your entire body with air. The best way to describe a full breath is when you feel your sides expand. As the air fills your lungs, they push your ribs outward like a bucket. Your whole lower body should fill full of air. Then, let it out slowly.

There are many different types of deep breathing exercises that you can do. It’s advisable to do some online searching to find the ones that work best to calm your mind and body down. If possible, avoid looking at a screen to guide you through your breathing techniques as this will often stimulate your brain.

Trying to fall asleep and get a good night’s rest when you’re anxious can be extremely difficult, to say the least. There’s no denying the fact that lack of sleep sets you up for a pretty miserable day. To avoid the misery, try one or all of these four tips that we outlined above to lower your anxiousness and finally obtain quality sleep.

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