Getting Unstuck: A Surefire Strategy for Moving Forward in Any Area of Your Life

By J. E. Carpenter —

I was in a less than comfortable situation. I had moved to the cold city from my warm abode in Southwest Florida with the intent of connecting with other intelligent educational reformers and investors. I had it all planned out. I would get a teaching job and then expand from there.

The first leg of my plan never materialized. I was coming up on a year of applying to various teaching positions in vain. I had been hired as a replacement resident ESL teacher for a contract job the previous summer, but that was only a two-week long position.

I had spent a few thousand dollars to incorporate before I left Florida along with hiring on a business coach. I would share more about my many experiences with business coaches, which are positive in general, but I must say that I have not gotten a great ROI from business coaching programs yet, and I believe the reason for my lack of profit was because I have only ever purchased group coaching (on four different occasions), and I was not very selective.

That said, if you hire a coach in any area, just make sure that person has accessed your needs and presented a plan for helping you reach your goals before forking over thousands of dollars. My most useful purchase was YouTube video marketing coaching which I used to help one creative entrepreneur get his Kickstarter campaign noticed and funded.

Moving forward from failure

I had to face the music, after a year of living rent-free with relatives, I decided it was time to cede to defeat. But, before I returned home, I connected with a few very interesting people with whom I had found some sort of association. One was a good friend of my deceased brother who had moved to the Manhattan area to market Christianity to city dwellers; one was the son of a best-selling author; and, the other was a friend of a fellow blogger.

In each of these instances, I asked for help. I asked my brother’s friend for help meeting new people. I asked the author’s son for clarification of a technique his father had written about: the book was autobiographical in nature, and the father claimed his two children had mastered this technique he taught. And, I asked the well-connected budding actress and social media maven for help with connecting with angel investors.

I did not leave the experience with investors for my online school. In retrospect, my idea for the school was not unique or compelling. But, I did leave the experience with the valuable lesson that most people want to help you or would love to connect and chat about their interests.

Best practices for getting unstuck

* Realize that you are coming from a limited perspective. More than likely, there is someone who has gotten around whatever obstacle you are facing. So, if you need answers, search and ask somebody, or Google may already have the answer waiting for you at the top of search results.

* Mind-map your way to freedom. It is hard to see what thoughts may be causing you to feel stuck or fearful, so if you have emotional blockage, start with the initial thought and branch out into subsequent thoughts. Step back and examine your line of thinking and consider alternative patterns of thoughts by engaging in possibility thinking.

For example: “My idea isn’t very creative or unique, so no one will want to invest in it.” I would proceed to branch off with all the reasons how it was not creative. Then, I could start with possibility thinking. What if it was? What would that look like? What are some examples of creative online schools which received angel investment funding? How is my idea different?

* Involve others. As messy as it may be, involving others in a project is one of the best ways to move it forward. Everyone has unique personalities and ways of thinking. For example, if you are making a preliminary business plan draft, then having a SBA business mentor examine it and offer ideas is invaluable.

Accountability is another way to involve others. I have several accountability partners who I exchange ideas and goals with regularly for success in the areas of health, education and business. These relationships have been the most instrumental for helping me keep moving forward.

Finally, you can leverage the relationship you have with existing customers by pledging to create something for them and placing the date of delivery on your calendar. This is fundamentally how the website Kickstarter works. See my article on how I helped the budding entrepreneur get his Kickstarter campaign funded.

What if being location independent didn’t equate to being a hobo or vagabond anymore? What if you could do it without being a freelancer and without working 40 hour weeks like the regular jobs? Are you entrepreneurial-minded? If you you think that you are person good at following directions, you it to yourself to see people that are living it:

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