How a Great CEO Behaves

Small disclaimer here.  I applied for a job with these cats.  Sometimes it feels like you were born before these folks even could figure out a box. But I did learn how a great CEO behaves.

Spend a whole day writing the cover letter, hoping to be impressed or be found.  It’s easy to just click away your future on job sites, but….

But maybe you get inspired.  Maybe you recognize your potential in your past when you see the future.

Maybe you happen to be up when the CEO of the company you applied for a position with is still up at 2 AM and responding to job applicants.

The computers and the phones beep and you’re hoping that it’s not just the weather or some dating site crap or that your servers are down.

How a great CEO Behaves

NO, it’s Garret from Directive.

I’m selective about almost everything other than sushi with Sweet Jenny, and treats for the puppy, but this is extraordinary.

He didn’t offer me a job or anything.  He wished me luck!

I’m not even sure he read my stuff, but he took the time to wish me luck!

There are folks out there that you know.  They live to complain when they don’t get their way.  They are the “no tippers”, the lazy, sloppy people who want you to be stuck in their unhappy lives.

I choose to be the other way.  My life isn’t perfect, but that doesn’t mean I have to ruin your parade.

As a hard core Entrepreneur and someone who prides himself on using my skills to try and help others, and one with an Ego that can’t seem to be quashed, this is very impressive to me.

I’m in the dumpster of love and asking for a job with his over the top company.   He takes the time to hit me up on LinkedIn and “wish me luck”.

It’s Not About the Job

I may or may not get the job.  I do know one thing.  The sunshine in the morning will be a bit brighter.  The coffee will taste a little better.  Hell, I might even feel good about shaving!

It doesn’t take that much to make someone’s day better.

It does take a lot when you have 50+ people already in your employ to spend one second on someone that wants to be there.

I’m impressed by Garrett.  Now I really want to work there!

It’s not easy being the boss sometimes.  It’s not easy being the worker as well.

But when the Top Cat, tips his Top Hat at you at 2 AM, that’s a cat you can respect.’

Read This

I don’t usually write about business or management, and though a skilled video producer, I can’t stand them.  But this is a good one.  6 Data-Validated Tactics To Increase Qualified Leads Volume by Garrett Mehrguth – YouTube

Check out Directive even if you’re not Software as A Service.  You probably should be.

I applied and probed them as a third party.  This team aims to make you successful, period.

Maybe I get lucky and they give an old guy a chance LOL!

Even if you don’t need their services, this Garrett guy is solid.




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