How the Practice of Manifestation Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Many people hear “manifestation” and think of things like crystals or spiritual teachings that have no basis in science or fact. While it’s true there’s no scientific backing for manifestation, it’s far less “woo-woo” than most might think. Manifestation is simply the practice of focusing on making something a reality by focusing on your thoughts and actions regarding that goal. 

Manifestation is also tied to what’s known as the law of attraction, which speculates that whatever thoughts we put into the world is linked to the results we see, both positive and negative. For example, let’s say you wish you were a more confident person, and all you can think about is how shy you are. As much as you want to be more confident, your thoughts remain focused on the fact that you aren’t confident—which only perpetuates that reality. 

So how can we harness these tools to bring us closer to our personal goals and desires? Read along to find out how you can apply these principles to your own life and get closer to what you want. 

Pay Attention to Your Mindset

Your mindset is one of the most important parts of your ability to successfully achieve your goals, whether you’re working on manifestation or not. The thoughts that occupy your mind are directly tied to your actions and emotions, and without becoming aware of them, they can end up working against us. 

When it comes to manifestation, the key is to imagine that whatever goal you’re after has already happened. Perhaps your goal is to get promoted at work. To apply manifestation to this goal, one would wake up each day and intentionally go to work with the mindset that they’ve already received the promotion. The purpose here is to help you become the type of person who already has the promotion, and therefore act in a way that embodies this. Embodying this helps you take action on the things that will eventually help that goal become a reality, and boost your confidence along the way. 

Use Manifestation Mantras

Mantras or affirmations are simple phrases that you repeat to yourself to help focus your mind on what you’re trying to achieve in life. As we explained above, manifestation is all about embodying the type of person who has already achieved whatever goal you’re going after. The logic here is that while you might not have reached your goal yet, your mind will support your journey getting there if you constantly feed it thoughts and phrases that support that goal. 

Mantras can keep you focused, encouraged, and motivated on the path to reaching your goals. Here are some specific mantras you can try out:

  • I am deserving of love. 
  • I am deserving of a promotion at work. 
  • My possibilities for growth are endless, and I am worthy of receiving them. 
  • I am confident, hopeful and excited about my future. 
  • Wealth flows into my life with ease. 
  • I can look at my finances without fear. 
  • I release all resistance to attracting love. 
  • There are no limits to the amount of money I can receive. 
  • I live an abundant, fulfilling life.

Stop Negative Thoughts When The Arise

As you can see, your mind is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal when it comes to creating and living the life you want most. However, taking control of your mind and gaining more self awareness doesn’t come naturally. In fact, it’s normal to experience a lot of resistance at first! Your mind is wired to keep you away from danger, and in the days of our ancestors, danger meant being chased by a saber toothed tiger or not having a meal to feed our family. 

In today’s modern world, we obviously don’t walk around worrying that we might be chased by a dangerous animal. But our mind is still wired the same way after all these years. So today, our mind views danger as anything new or outside our comfort zone. If you’re only used to thinking negative thoughts, your mind will resist if you try to shift that. Luckily, with time and dedication, the more you practice the thoughts you want to make a reality, the more your mind will adapt and learn to view this as normal. Your mind is much stronger than you think! 

That said, an important part of this process is to learn to recognize when negative thoughts come up. Keep in mind that this is normal, and negative thoughts will always arise! The key to growth is simply noticing when this happens, and intentionally shifting away from negativity and replacing it with positive thoughts. 

The path to reaching your goals is a journey full of twists and turns. But once you realize the powerful role your mindset plays, you can equip yourself to reach your goals faster than you might have thought possible. 


About the Author

Sophie writes on behalf of Credit Repair about finance and productivity. Specifically, she is interested in removing the barriers of complicated financial topics and teaching financial literacy in a way that is accessible to all. Her most recent piece is on seven important lessons for teaching kids about credit. 

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