How To Build A Healthier Relationship With Alcohol


If you’ve found that alcohol is taking up more of your physical and mental energy than you want it to, you are not alone. Excessive drinking is incredibly common, with 40 million people in the US drinking too much per the CDC, and 15 million Americans diagnosed with the medical condition known as alcohol use disorder. Moreover, with the stress of COVID-19, unhealthy drinking has been on the rise.

You may know that your drinking is holding you back from reaching your full potential, but not know where to start in making a change. It can be challenging to cut back, especially under stressful circumstances, and without the right support. That’s where Monument comes in.

Monument is an online alcohol treatment platform for anyone who wants to get more out of life by drinking less. Monument takes an innovative, evidence-based approach that empowers people to achieve their goals for sobriety or moderation, from the comfort of their own home. For too long, alcohol treatment has been kept separate from mainstream healthcare, and Monument is changing that. Their science-backed program includes physician care and  medication to stop drinking, online alcohol therapy, and peer support. After signing up for a treatment plan, members are introduced to their Care Team, who will personalize their treatment plan based on their needs, goals, and preferences.

For seasoned entrepreneur Mike Russell, providing accessible care is personal. Mike founded Monument based on his own journey to stop drinking.

“My inspiration for Monument was my own journey to change my relationship with alcohol. After attempts to stop drinking on my own and through more traditional treatment options were unsuccessful, a friend told me about medication to stop drinking or cut back. With that advice and further research about evidence-based tools, I discovered a combination of therapy and medication that helped me get sober and stay sober. I learned through reading clinical studies that this approach worked for a lot of other people too. Now I’m on a mission to make the evidence-based treatment that changed (and maybe saved) my life affordable and accessible for everyone,” explained Mike Russell, CEO of Monument.

In the spirit of accessibility, Monument also provides a robust suite of free services, including expert resources, an anonymous community, and therapist-moderated support groups (including specific groups for women, LGBTQIA+ individuals, and BIPOC, among others). Monument also hosts a free event series called Monument Live that’s exclusive to their members, featuring honest conversations with activists, actors, athletes, authors, and more about how they changed their relationship with alcohol. Monument Live has featured many celebrity guests, including Emmy Award-winning journalist and bestselling author, Elizabeth Vargas, Real Housewives of New Jersey and New York, Margaret Josephs and Barbara Kavovit, former All-Star NY Met and Yankee player Darryl Strawberry, among others. You can join over 17,000 people in the free Monument Community to start accessing these tools today.

After joining Monument, you might be wondering: what can I expect from the recovery journey? Or how will my life improve? And those are great questions. The alcohol recovery timeline can be complete with ups and down, especially in the early days. However, cutting back on drinking ultimately improves all dimensions of our wellness, and is an incredibly powerful self-improvement tool. It might even become your superpower. Fortunately, Monument has outlined many of the common phases of the recovery journey, complete with what to expect in week one, month one, and beyond. You can explore their alcohol recovery timeline for more information.

As for the benefits of drinking less, Dr. Aisha Rush, physician on the Monument platform, shared the gifts of sobriety in one of Monument’s expert resources:

  • Better sleep
  • Productivity
  • Better mornings
  • Physical fitness
  • More money
  • Self-care
  • Emotional wellness (ex. reduced anxiety)
  • Confidence
  • Better relationships
  • Community
  • And more!

You can read the full article here.

Changing your relationship with alcohol is something to be proud of, and there is absolutely no shame in seeking support. Innovative programs like Monument are paving the way for more open conversation about alcohol consumption, treatment, and recovery in a way that’s supportive, judgement-free, and inclusive of all journeys. Ready to explore how drinking less can give you more?



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