How to Build Daily Wellness Habits for a Better You


Life can be so overwhelming at times, causing many people to forget the value of building a healthy wellness routine. Conflicting schedules and poor habits brought on by stress often get in the way of self-care.

It is a good thing that the value of maintaining health and wellness is gaining more attention these days. An increasing number of individuals are waking up and realizing that self-care is crucial for them to be their best selves.

When you are in good physical and mental health, you can achieve more and face challenges that come your way with ease. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to wellness since every human body is different, but following these guidelines can help you build better daily habits to improve your overall health.

Take care of your immunity

The immune system is your body’s primary defense against disease-causing bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. When it is weak due to neglect or any other trigger, you can get sick very quickly. Boost your immunity by following general health guidelines and adhering to positive lifestyle habits like consuming more fruits and vegetables, regular exercise of at least 30 minutes several days a week, maintaining a healthy weight, proper hygiene, and minimizing stress. These habits make you better protected against diseases.

Micronutrient deficiencies alter immune responses in animals, but more studies are needed to assess the effects of similar insufficiencies on the human immune response. While supplements can help provide vitamins and minerals, the best source to fill these nutritional needs is still by having a well-rounded diet that includes consuming generous portions of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, lean protein, and healthy fats.

Refresh your skincare routine with moisturizer, sunscreen, and Vitamin C serum

Achieving healthy, glowing skin can be challenging for many individuals. Inescapable realities, including environmental factors like exposure to the elements and high levels of stress, are among the skin’s biggest enemies. Unhealthy habits like not getting enough sleep, using the wrong skincare products for your skin type, smoking, drinking excessively, and having a poor diet also contribute to skin damage.

Combating skin aging and damage requires having a consistent skincare routine that is right for you. Building a skincare routine that fits your needs all starts by determining your skin type. Your facial skin can be oily, dry, sensitivitiescombination, sensitive, or normal skin. Each skin type will have different needs.


The next step is to figure out if you have sensitivities to certain ingredients. Observe closely and take note of your skin’s condition following the use of any skincare product. Maybe you can try a natural skincare ritual if you have ultra-sensitive skin that does not respond well to commercially produced beauty products packed with artificial ingredients and fragrances.

In most cases, a simple skincare routine will be enough to get you visible results. Being consistent with cleansing, moisturizing, putting on sunscreen, and using vitamin C serum for your skin will not cost you a fortune.

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that helps your skin regenerate and keep its youthful appearance. It accelerates collagen and elastin production. Those two naturally occurring protein fibers help skin become plump and firm, which is why Vitamin C is considered one of the holy grail ingredients in many beauty products.

Work on achieving optimal emotional wellness

Managing your emotional well-being is just as important as caring for your physical health. The reality, though, is that emotional wellness could be harder to manage most times. Understanding the state of your emotional health by your lonesome can be tricky, especially if you are under a lot of stress. In some cases, there might even be underlying mental health conditions that may require medical intervention.

How, then, can you tell if you are emotionally healthy?

People who are emotionally well are resilient and can express their creativity in healthy ways. They have an understanding of how genuine social connections can influence their well-being. Those with good emotional health can deal with internal feelings or reactions without getting triggered or fired up, for they have developed coping mechanisms that assist in balancing and regulating their emotional states.

The road to achieving total emotional wellness involves concerted efforts between individuals and people in their lives. But for starters, beginning your day with healthy habits will help set you on the right path.

Morning Routine

Your emotional state throughout the day will be heavily influenced by how you spend the first moments after waking up, so make sure that you establish a good morning routine. Small changes like trying your best not to hit the snooze button when your alarm goes off and not reaching for your phone while you are still in bed are simple yet effective ways to ensure that you begin the day with a clear head.

Avoiding large amounts of processed sugar during breakfast ensures that you do not crash in the morning, so you can have better brain function and energy levels when you need them most.


Picking up simple mindfulness habits like doing some stretching when you wake or writing your thoughts on a gratitude journal first thing in the morning can also help you get started on the right track. Besides, moving your body through exercise in the early part of your day helps clear your head.

While having some alone time is also healthy, don’t forget the importance of getting support from friends and family. Stay connected with your loved ones by regularly talking to them and spending time together doing activities you mutually enjoy.

Stay hydrated

The human body is composed of around 60% water. This substance helps the body perform vital bodily functions like digestion, circulation, transportation of nutrients, and temperature regulation, and many others. Staying hydrated throughout the day brings many health benefits:

  • Consuming more water and water-rich foods aid with weight loss because it makes you feel full for longer.
  • Staying hydrated prevents muscle fatigue when exercising, so you can do your physical activities in top form and with more efficiency.
  • Proper hydration improves skin health and appearance.
  • Water helps kidneys flush out toxins more efficiently.
  • Water keeps bowel function healthy and prevents constipation.

Increase your fluid intake by having beverages with every food intake, eating food with higher water content, and having a bottle of clean drinking water with you wherever you go so you do not forget to hydrate throughout the day.


Often tagged as a new age ritual, meditation is anything but new. It has been around for thousands of years. Meditation practices have deep religious ties in Egypt and Eastern countries like China as well as India.

Meditating can seem foreign if you have not tried it before, and more so if you are the type of person who is always on the go. But if you can afford to try it, there is absolutely no reason to shy away from adopting the practice. Meditation has long been integral to the lives of millions of people worldwide, with over 76%  of meditators who participated in a survey saying that they use meditation to aid their general wellness.

Time and consistency

Embracing a meditation practice in its entirety takes time and consistency. However, it does not mean that you have to become a full-time monk to reap benefits from the discipline.

Thankfully, there are modified versions of the practice for modern people. There are many resources available, and even a simple search on YouTube will lead you to various guided meditations that serve different needs. Apps like Headspace will help you get started with exploring the practice. You can begin with a few minutes a day and  work up to lengthier time frames as the days pass. After getting the hang of it, you will see how meditation can help balance your emotional and mental well-being, even in the face of challenges.

Prioritize sleep

Sleep allows your body to rest and recover after a tiring day. Getting quality sleep at appropriate hours gives you better mental and physical health. It improves your quality of life in more ways than one.

Start prioritizing quality rest by setting a fixed sleep schedule and sticking to it. Fixed sleep and wake-up times help your body get used to this healthy habit. In case you need to modify your sleep schedule for one reason or another, make tiny adjustments over time with a maximum difference of about 1-2 hours nightly. Doing so ensures that the new sleep schedule you set for yourself becomes sustainable.

Consistency Brings Results

Proper nutrition, taking care of your physical, emotional, and mental health are all at the core of creating a daily wellness routine that works. Listen closely to your body, for it holds wisdom and will often tell you what it needs.

Practicing daily wellness habits can be challenging at first, but sticking to your routine will lead to a better you. You do not have to take it on at full force or go all out at once. You can start with small changes and gradually build your routine day by day until they become second nature habits. Remember that progress is not linear, and in the case of building daily healthy routines, moving in the right direction is always better than trying to speed things up.

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